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Not Sure What to Wear On a First Date? These Outfit Ideas Will Have You Looking Your Best

The first date is exciting, but it becomes nerve-wracking when you don’t know what to wear and how to carry. Your outfit makes you confident, comfortable, and fashion-forwarding, so it is not something to be compromised. A pretty dress, relevant shoes, and matching accessories can add a statement to your style. Fun accessories and eye-catching pieces give you a great impression and catch your date’s eye.

You need to design your dress according to your date, time, and weather, but whatever you wear, don’t get away from your comfort zone. Here we have rounded up the best combinations to make you look confident and fresh on your first date.

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Four Stylish Outfit Ideas To Make Your Date Memorable


The first combination we have for you is a blazer and jeans that are perfect for those who feel stuffy in a suit. The blazer polishes up the denim look, and if you want to wear jeans with a blazer, it will make your look lowkey. It is preferable to carry casual shoes with this combo – for a daytime stroll, you can go with white trainers, but for a dressier date, you can switch to sleek sandals.

What You Need To Prepare Beforehand

  • Your best blazer
  • Jeans
  • Casual tee

A Styling Tip: Inject a grace to this look by wearing an accessory – a chic scarf or a statement bag. You can also opt for a popping blazer to lift your outfit’s look.


If suits are not your type, you can switch to blows which is an easy choice to cast a maximum impact. You can choose the blouse depending upon your choice – you can pick either sleek, stripped, or bolder, fancy embellishments. On dinner dates, most of the part is hidden under the table, so you must focus on the upper part, the blouse.

What You Need For This Attire

  • Your favorite jeans
  • An attractive blouse
  • Comfy heels

A Styling Tip: If you are choosing high-waist jeans, tuck your shirt in the jean, or you can wear the cropped blouse to flaunt your waist.


The combo of casual flats and dresses is impressive for a spring date. If you are in the hustle and have no time for dress selection, you can pick a statement dress along with casual flats. Despite this minimal styling, you will look fabulous and decent. You can also put on some delicate jewelry pieces and a fun clutch. The leather jacket will not be a bad idea for an extra layer.

What You Need For This Combo

  • White trainers
  • Statement dress
  • Cute clutch
  • Light jewelry
  • A Swiss made watch

A Styling Tip: You can prefer to wear long-length dresses as they are easy to sit down. A-line style dresses also work best as they are comfortable, feminine, and flattering silhouettes.


Here comes one more adorable pair – the blend of the causal item with something dressier. This fail-safe feminine formula will pull out your decent and prosperous look, which is hard to get even when you spend hours and hours getting ready. An a-line or pleated skirt looks complementary and feminine no matter when you wear it. For an extra luxe touch to this attire, you can add one more attractive layer of the best cashmere sweater. Don’t forget to refine the finishing with elegant jewelry.

What You Need To Complete Your Look

  • Slim-fit knit
  • Swishy skirt
  • Best sunglasses

An Additional Styling Tip: With these eye-catching women’s dresses combo, flats and heels look attractive. So what you are opting for depends upon you! For a smart look, comfortable flats are a trendy choice for 2022.

The Bottom Line

If you are going on a date, you need to be well-dressed, so you may not lose yourself at any point. Your outfit makes and represents your personality – it is somehow the first thing people notice about you. It is not about the lavish dress, but there are various women’s dresses that are simple but look super elegant. So you need to look for something that suits you but doesn’t break your budget.

This blog has enlisted four outclass first date outfits that work amazing for dinner, drinks, coffee, and beyond; moreover, these are easy to arrange for everyone! Read along to catch them up!

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