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The Common Factors that Cause Road Rage in Albany

Every weekday morning, many people leave their homes in Albany’s surrounding towns and drive into the city to work. In the evening, these people leave at the same time to go back to their homes. This routine causes heavy traffic in the mornings and evenings since most people move in the same direction.

While some days may be calm, others may have remarkable incidences of drivers honking, tailgating, or doing other aggressive behavior when provoked by fellow drivers. This is what we call road rage. In some cases, it may only end at insults or honking, but in others, it may lead to accidents if the drivers do not check on their anger.

Have a look at some of the main reasons for road rage in Albany and the surrounding towns.

Heavy Traffic

As earlier stated, there is always heavy traffic when travelling to or from work. You may find this traffic very inconvenient, especially when you are late for an appointment. Many drivers may engage in dangerous driving or act like the other drivers are delaying their movement. This can easily bring about road rage accidents. If you find heavy traffic and there is no alternative route, it would be best to remain calm and call those waiting for you to inform them of the situation.

If you ever find yourself in a road rage accident, follow the process of the law to get compensation for any damages. Fortunately, there are road rage accident lawyers who can help you through the process and ensure that the culprit pays for any recklessness.


Since the city’s population keeps growing tremendously, you may not always know the people around you on the road. Many people take this as a platform to behave carelessly and disrespect others which may cause them to get very angry. Careless driving, insulting, honking, and other ill actions mainly occur because you assume no one can know you, and you may never meet the next driver again.


According to research, there is an increasing number of drivers on the Albany highways. Therefore, you are more likely to find someone driving slower than usual at one time or another, even if it is not during a traffic snarl-up. Most people on the road have appointments to get to and places to be, but not everyone has enough patience to wait for the drivers in front of them to keep moving.

This delay can provoke one in a rush to get into inappropriate behavior and pour their anger on fellow drivers. If you aren’t careful, you may cause an accident in your rage, thus delaying you the more.

Distracted Driving

According to recent population figures, a significant percentage of drivers are the young generation. You may find them texting, calling, or engaging in distractive actions that may anger other drivers. These actions are dangerous and bring about carelessness and a lack of focus on the road.

When some drivers of the older generations see this, they easily get angry and begin honking or shouting at the younger drivers, causing a big scene. If the situation gets out of hand, it may lead to a serious accident.

Do not fall into the trap of road rage no matter how badly someone provokes you. You may end up in more trouble than if you ignored the person and let go of the issue. Keep calm, take deep breaths, and make sober decisions to avoid confrontations. Remember to contact the authorities if you are involved in such accidents.

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