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The technique behind crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are popular in many civilized countries-people of all ages and occupations like crossword puzzles, pensioners spend their time with crossword puzzles, and school children compete for knowledge. In the list of women’s hobbies, this activity also occupies the first place.

The doctor said that the use of crossword puzzles can not only help you increase your free time. This activity can train memory and improve brain function. What else is useful for solving oral puzzles, and what characteristics does this hobby have for women?

A bit of history and the essence of crosswords

Crossword puzzles are called puzzles in the form of intertwined cells. The player’s task is to guess the meaning of the words and write them on the cubes. These words are intertwined, which makes the task easier, because after guessing the first word, some letters of subsequent words become available.

Historians believe that there were something similar to modern “crosses” in ancient times. They found confirmation of their guess during the excavation.

What are the type of crosswords puzzles?

There are many types of crossword puzzles, the most popular of which are:

  • Classi c- a familiar grid where you need to enter words;
  • scanword (Scandinavian crossword) – you can identify it by the arrows and definitions in the grid;
  • Coordinates (American) – in which you not only need to guess the word, but also need to build a grid;
  • nonogram (Japanese) – here you need to guess the color or black and white picture;
  • Honeycomb-words are written as a circle;
  • filword (Hungarian) – the text has been engraved in the grid, but it needs to be found and crossed out;
  • chainword – a linear crossword game in which the last letter of the previous word is the beginning of the next word;
  • Estonian-high word density.

Modern crosswords are not only printed in newspapers, magazines, and collections, they are already digitized today. There are special applications for computers and mobile phones. Some websites can publish crosswords online. If you want, you can solve problems anytime, anywhere!

On the site crossword answers 911 for you – all Answers available. Here you can find answers to crosswords and crosswords puzzles. Everything is very convenient and simple. You can figure it out here without any problem.

If you are a beginner or a puzzle solver looking to improve, these techniques and tips will help you solve cross word puzzles quick and more successfully. In addition, you can help select words verbatim online.

1. Check 2- , 3-, 4-, and 5-letter words

Check the grid to see clues for any 3, 4, and 5 letter words. There are relatively few Russian words of this length, so many puzzles contain the same words. This is also where many cross-media words that you rarely see in daily life but are often used in crossword puzzles appear. It is useful to remember many repeated words, especially the exact words that appear in the crossword puzzle.

2. Guess

Don’t be afraid to write down any answers that come to mind. (If you are solving the puzzle online, please feel free to enter any guessed answer. It can be easily erased with just the push of a button.) Then check the intersection entry. If the guessed word contains an unusual letter, such as F or K, first check the intersection of these letters.

3. Multi-word responses

Remember, the answer can be multiple words. Multiple word answers are now common in crossword puzzles, and the days of being marked in tooltips are gone. Many puzzles contain common phrases or famous titles from books, songs, or movies. Even short answers may contain multiple words. You might scratch your head and think: “What is mucus? I have never heard of it.”

4. I give up

Dead end? Remove the puzzle and come back later. Put the crossword puzzle aside, come back to it in a few hours or days, there will always be something popping out of the page, and you will “Aha!” for a moment. In many cases, a complete solution can be obtained by getting an answer.

5. Hints obeying rules

The hint will always be written in the same part of speech as the answer. Mark clues that require answers that end in S, ED, EST, or ING. Usually these endings can be drawn in pencil (but not always).

Checking for overlapping answers helps to check the applicability of the ending. For example, if the cross and bottom clues of the two answers that intersect on the last letter are both plural, it is most likely the letter “S”.

6. Don’t jump to conclusions

Approach the solution with an open mind. For example, the input word can be similar to: DOOR, ENTRANCE, OPENING. However, it can also mean “full of joy or surprise”, for example: ENRAPTURE, SPELLBIND, FASCINATE, etc. Remember, many words in English have the same spelling but completely different meanings. Tires, bears, springs, etc.

7. Constructors love confusion

Crossword creators like to use the wrong direction to confuse and complicate solutions. Beware of flowers or souls used to represent things that flow or show. How about “doctor number”? = ANESTHETIC (in this case, “number” is boring). Think outside the box (and within the grid).

8. Composing crossword puzzles is a fun activity

For those who are no longer satisfied with solving other people’s puzzles, writing crossword puzzles is a more exciting hobby. Even elementary school students can make a simple “crosshead”; this does not require special talents. 

But in order to form a fun and capable crossword puzzle, you have to work hard-find the intertwined words and come up with the correct definition for each question.


We hope that solving crossword puzzles will become one of your favorites, but not your only hobby. Be sure to find more hobbies on our website like NYT app and more. Let life be full of bright colors, illuminate it day and night!

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