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The Top 4 Benefits of Living in Gated Communities in AZ Vs. Non-Gated!

What comes to mind when you think of gated communities? Gated communities are a common form of housing in Arizona, as many people find them appealing due to their many qualities, such as the social amenities.

Gated communities provide you with exclusivity due to their restrictions for non-residents, which provides a sense of status and class for residents. Only a particular category of buyers can own a house in a gated community if they meet set requirements.

If you are looking to choose between living in gated or non-gated communities, here are 4 benefits of living in gated communities in Arizona vs. non-gated:

1)Gated Communities Provide Added Security

 Security is a significant point of concern for many home seekers. Gated communities in AZ have established security measures to protect their residents. To keep track of visitors, gated communities have controlled entry, and verified persons are allowed entry.  On the contrary, non-gated communities are primarily dependent on collective responsibility for security since there is no control of entry and exit into the community.

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2) Gated Communities Offer More Social Amenities 

This is where gated communities have the edge over ungated communities. In a gated community, you get not only a home but also a sanctuary that promotes recreation; as such, gated communities boast of facilities such as community halls, playgrounds, clubhouses, and others. This provides convenience, as you don’t need to go out of your neighborhood to enjoy such facilities.

On the other hand, living in no-gated communities means you have to seek social services such as swimming in private facilities unless you have your own.

3) Gated Neighborhood Provides Kids-Friendly Environment

 Knowing that your kid is safe while playing outside gives you peace to comfortably engage in your other activities. Gated communities are great kid-friendly environments for raising your children. The presence of social amenities such as spacious playgrounds lets your kids enjoy playing. With no regular traffic and available speed limits, your child is safe. Also, the controlled entry of persons into the neighborhood means you do not have to worry about your child interacting with a stranger; stranger danger is averted.

However, in non-gated communities, you will need to watch your child when they are outside. Security measures may not be enough to protect them from careless drivers as security is guaranteed. Therefore, it is up to you to keep your kids safe.

4)  Living in A Gated Community Gives Peace of Mind

One of the major benefits of living in a gated community is the chance to enjoy an exclusive neighborhood- this allows you to boast of the status and class that comes with it. Exclusivity also means you are protected from random strangers who can pose a danger to you and your property, thus guaranteeing your peace of mind.

This is not the case; however, if you live in a non-gated neighborhood, which is not always restricted. It is not uncommon to see unfamiliar faces that always raise your suspicion, and hence you have to be on the lookout.

The choice to either live in a gated or ungated community in Arizona will depend on your needs and preferences; the differences in gated and ungated communities can be a great source of guidance in determining which of these two neighborhoods suits you better.

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