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5 Reasons to Take to Two Wheels in the Summer

If you live in the UK, you can’t help but notice the high number of motorcycles that suddenly appear on the roads as the spring weather arrives, which for the big bike enthusiast, signals the beginning of the riding season. There’s nothing quite like sitting astride a powerful superbike and heading off into the sunrise for an adventure ride and if you have yet to consider swapping four wheels for two, here are a few reasons why summer bike riding is so popular.

  1. Freedom & Independence – Riding a motorcycle brings with it a level of freedom and independence, indeed, many UK couples live for the long weekends, when they can ride to a camping venue and experience the beauty of nature. If you would like to view some stunning touring motorcycles, check out the bike dealership in Peterborough who has a range of new and used bikes of all sizes and styles.
  2. Economic Travel – We all know just how costly it is to run a car, what with the tax, insurance and, of course, the fuel cost and if you switch to 2 wheels, you will be pleasantly surprised at how cheap biking is when compared to the car. The car can be kept in the garage for most of the summer, while you enjoy the fresh air and the thrill of riding a powerful motorcycle.
  3. Fun – Riding a big bike is fun, providing you are wearing the right gear, of course and when you set off for a 3-day camping adventure, you can forget the daily grind and enjoy an affordable camping holiday on your touring bike. While it is a good idea to book online for campsite space or overnight accommodation, you are not tied to any schedule when you are on your bike and you can change your plans at any time. If you are into off-road superbikes, here is a review of the Ducati Scrambler 1100, which is an amazing machine.
  4. Save Money – A full tank of petrol is a fraction of the cost of filling up your car and you can get around 300km from a full tank and your visits to the petrol station will be infrequent. It isn’t just the fuel that is cheaper, bike maintenance costs little when compared to servicing the car and you only have two tyres to change, rather than four!
  5. Save Time – Getting from A to B on a bike is always going to be quicker than in a car and this is great during the morning and evening rush hour, which can cut down your travelling time considerably. It is much easier to find parking for a bike and this would be cheaper than a car park.

It should be noted that one cannot simply buy a powerful motorcycle and ride it on the UK roads; you will need to start with the provisional bike licence and over a period of time, acquire the coveted Class A Licence, which allows you to ride bikes of all sizes.

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