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How To Prevent Bug Buildup on Your Vehicle

No matter what you drive, bug buildup tends to be an issue on one part of your front end or another. The exact place where they tend to hit depends on the individual vehicle’s aerodynamics, with some lucky car owners picking them up mostly by the bumper and grill while others see a thin layer of them accruing at the front of their hoods.

When you have bug buildup on your hood or windshield, the easiest way to deal with it is to make a small change that has a big effect on the way air travels around your vehicle. This can help divert bugs, and when it doesn’t, they build up in a place that is easy to spot and to clean.

Install A Bug Deflector

The device in question is a simple bug deflector. Individual models are built with specific vehicle types or even specific vehicles in mind. When they are installed, they channel air up and away from your hood and windshield. That greatly reduces the number of bugs you have to worry about when you clean your car.

Of course, you might find that adding something like rooftop storage causes the problem to pop up again in a new location. In that case, consider further altering your car’s aerodynamics with extra lighting or aesthetic add-ons to reduce the problem.

Maintain a Clean Exterior

There is no one killer design for a bug deflector that manages to completely stop bugs from hitting your vehicle. The best options reduce it greatly, so you also need to regularly clean and maintain your vehicle’s exterior.

If you deal with persistent issues like dust storms or muddy dirt won’t come off car exteriors easily, that means buying the right cleaning product at every stage of the wash. If your car is a little lower-maintenance in this department, the key areas to focus on are the last couple steps.

  1. Strong, exterior-safe cleaner designed for vehicle exteriors
  2. Tire and rim cleaner
  3. Auto glass cleanser for your windows and the windshield
  4. Exterior finishing treatment

There are a lot of great choices for your vehicle’s body and your tires, but fewer really good options for glass cleaners. Luckily, there are a few reliable options that not only clean your exterior glass, but also help prevent the kind of buildup that makes it easy for dirt and bugs to stick.

Finishing products designed to minimize the appearance of scratches and other minor blemishes tend to work by slowly building up a protective layer over the vehicle’s existing paint. This layer is also supposed to help minimize stuck on dirt and bugs by making it easier to clean them off with your regular wash.

Set a Vehicle Cleaning Schedule

Most vehicles do not need a full wash and exterior treatment every single week, but a basic wash to keep things from building up is a good idea as a weekly goal. The more time you have to properly finish the job with a vehicle exterior treatment, the better, since repeated applications are designed to help you get better results. The key is to match your effort with your vehicle use because cars that only go out a couple times a week do not get dirty as quickly as daily commuter vehicles.

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