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5 Different Ways to Get Around Bangkok

Bangkok, or the City of Angels, as it is known in Thai (Kreung Thep), is a sprawling metropolis that is unique in many respects and tourists are captivated by the sights, sounds and smells on this exotic city. As far as getting around goes, here are the main transportation systems that you can use to see the sights of Bangkok.

  1. BTS Skytrain – By far the quickest and cheapest way to move around in Bangkok; stay in a hotel near BTS Nana means you can hop on whenever you want to go anywhere in a hurry. There are quite a few lines and you can download the online maps to plan your day trips. There is one line that runs to the International Airport, which means you can take the BTS to your hotel on Sukhumvit Road.
  2. Taxis – They come in many colours and we are told that green and yellow cabs are driver-owned; a taxi has either a red or green light showing, green means you can hail him, red means he has a fare. Most taxi drivers can speak a little English and are usually friendly and polite. There are online apps that you can use to order a taxi or you can hail one at the side of the road.
  3. Canal taxis – They used to use huge diesel engines, however, now the river taxis are electrically powered and travelling on Bangkok canals allows you to see another side of Bangkok. This would make for an epic adventure; see YouTube videos for a taste of riding the longtail boats! It can be a bit much in the rainy season; sometimes you have to change boats when you arrive at bridges, as the water is so high.
  4. Motorcycle taxis – If you’re looking for adventure, why not take a motorcycle taxi? Before the BTS, bike taxis were the only way to get from A to B in a short time and even today in rush hour traffic, a bike taxi might get you to work on time. They tend to charge more during rush hour and make sure you clarify the cost before you set off. Click here for tips on moving around as a family.
  5. Air-conditioned buses – The bus system covers the entire capital and it is important to note that a/c and non a/c buses of the same number do not go the same route and as you would expect, non a/c buses are cheaper. Unlike in developed countries, Bangkok buses do not run to a timetable, they just turn up when they turn up! Typical Thai behaviour.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information about Bangkok and how to move around in this unique metropolis. Plan your trip and you won’t waste time trying to get from one place to another and we are sure that this visit to Bangkok will not be your last!

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