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5 Things to Check Off Your Family Bucket List This Summer

Summer is a great time to work on various projects as a family. To have a good chance of getting the most done so that you don’t end up with regrets of wasted opportunity, you can make a list. This list should consist of the projects that you want to work on in the summer, something that will make it easier for you to plan for them. That said, here are five of the things that you should add to your summer family bucket list and make sure that you check off.

1. Have Fun in the Water

You shouldn’t let summer pass without having some fun in the water. That’s because the sun makes water activities some of the best ways to spend free time bonding with friends and family. Remember to be careful with this, especially if you choose to head to a nearby body of natural water. This is because drowning in natural waters accounted for nearly one-third of all the deaths from unintentional drowning, according to a report by the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services.

2. Host a Movie Night Outdoors

Another amazing activity that you can do in summer and that you could use water in is to host an outdoor movie night. Borrow a projector and set up one of your home’s walls to project the movie onto. Organize some snacks and seating so that it’s a truly amazing movie experience. The water can come in if you decide to use your hot tub as the seating of choice, or even a pool if you have one. This is a great idea for you if you happen to be among the 17.12% of Americans aged between 18 and 29 who, according to Comfy Living, own a spa, pool, or hot tub.

3. Pick Some Fresh Fruit

Parenting in the summer has to involve picking some fresh fruit and berries. Take this opportunity to teach your children about the various fruits and berries that they can pick and eat. This is an especially important activity to add to your list if you don’t grow anything at home, and your children have never been to a farm.

You can even go to a local organic farm for this activity, even though the fruits that you find here won’t exactly be wild, they can come close. Note that a typical farmer in America produces enough food and fiber for 165 people annually, according to Farm Bureau. This is a fact that you can share with your children so that they know more about nature and food.

4. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

There’s no better time to go on a scavenger hunt than in the summer, so set one up. To make it more engaging and fun, involve as many children from the neighborhood as you possibly can. Have some attractive prizes for the winner so that it’s more fun and there’s added motivation to win. This will be an amazing way to get the children running around in the summer, and you can additionally help your children make some new friends as a result.

5. Have a Picnic

If you can find some fresh fruit and berries to pick, set these up alongside some homemade popsicles and baked goods and go on a picnic. Any local park or garden will work, and you simply need to pack some blankets and drinking water. This can be a day of fun and relaxation for the whole family, and it may set an amazing parenting standard for your children if they grow up to have their own children in the future.

These are five of the fun activities that you have to tick off your summer bucket list if you want to give your children some amazing memories for summer. The best thing about most of them is that they’re not even expensive to do. All you need to do is to set aside time for them, and you can go on to have a beautiful summer as a family.

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