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7 Men’s Travel Hats For Every Season

Hats are clothing accessories that can be worn all year round. No matter the season of the year, whether it’s summer or winter, there is a hat that fits every season.

Furthermore, if you love traveling and exploring different places during various seasons of the year, like the winter wonderland in Finland for your winter adventures or a trip to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil during summer, it would be best to get a hat to protect and spice your fashion up throughout your adventures.

However, choosing the right travel hat can be quite tricky. In this article, we’ll give you a guide to choosing the best men’s travel hats for every season.

Characteristics of a Typical Travel Hat

Below are the things you need to look out for when choosing or packing a hat for your trip:

It Should Be Crushable

Crushable, in this regard is synonymous with being foldable. In most cases, you’ll likely have limited space for all your clothes and clothing accessories. And since hats aren’t the only items you’d be packing for your trips. These hats should be able to share the limited space with other accessories. Your travel hats should be able to withstand crushing.

Crushable hats can be squeezed and scrunched in a traveling bag. But after removal, they can regain their shape. Of course, they may show a few wrinkles and creases. However, a quality crushable hat will be able to rebound to its initial shape after being pressed. You can look out for cotton baseball caps, straw hats, and fedoras made from wool.


You should choose a hat that fits the weather conditions of your travel destination. If it is a trip during the summer, then you should get one of the hats with a wide brim. These hats will be able to offer you protection from the summer sun and harmful UV rays. 

At the same time, if you are taking a trip during winter and you are expecting rain or snow. You can get a water-resistant hat that won’t be damaged by the weather.

Men’s Travel Hats For Every Season

Men Travel Hats For Summer

Fedora Hats

There are various styles of fedora hats. However, cotton or wool-made fedora big hats are the best for warm-weather or summer trips. The Men’s Fedora Hat has all the qualities of a typical travel hat. It is foldable and a perfect fit for summer.

Fedora hats have a wide brim that helps to protect your face from the sun’s heat while you are on your adventures. It is a perfect fit for your various dressing styles. You can use a classic fedora hat for your formal wear during summer.

Straw Hats

Your summer trip isn’t complete without a visit to the beach. It’s the time of the year when you can show off your summer body and style. While you are at it, a playful straw hat is one of the best fashion fits. A straw hat sets the summer play mood. You can travel with a straw hat because it can be packed or folded without damage. 

However, most straw hats are not water-resistant. So, don’t try swimming with these hats.

Wide Brim Hats

One of the downsides of the summer season is the constant sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is not healthy for you. So, in order to protect yourself from the summer sun, you should consider packing along a wide-brim hat. Its wide brim covers your face and extends to shield your neck as well.

Some designs of wide-brim hats often come with a chin cord that fastens the hat on your head. This feature makes the wide-brim hat a perfect fit for all your summer adventures and activities like hiking and camping. 

Baseball Cap

Do you need a lightweight and moderately sized hat? A baseball cap is what you need. You can easily style a baseball cap on your casual outfits this summer. A baseball cap has an extended visor that covers your face. 

Unlike wide-brim hats, baseball caps do not offer your face full protection from the sun. So, it would be best to wear baseball caps on days with low sun intensity.

Men Travel Hats for Winter Season

Beanie Hats

The cold weather in the winter seasons shouldn’t stop you from having fun. As you need a baseball cap to protect you from the sun during summer, you need a beanie to keep your head warm.

Beanies are often made with a thick, knit material. They are designed so that they can effortlessly fit any outfit. A beanie hat is usually extensible and can cover your head and ears to protect you from cold.

You can easily travel with a beanie. It fits in with the stated characteristics of a typical travel hat. In addition, You can pack as many beanies as you want for your trip. It is similar to packing oversized socks. 

Berets for Men

Berets are a unisex type of hat that men can wear during winter. They belong to the flat-crown cap category of hats. Berets are a good travel fit because they can be easily folded. Berets are a good hat-fit for winter because they are usually made of thick woven, wool felt, acrylic fibre, or hand-knitted wool. 

Styling a beret can be a bit tricky. And there are no set-in-stone patterns for styling a beret. However, berets are unique, and they can top off almost anything effortlessly. 

Fur Bucket Hats for Men

The usual bucket hats are used majorly during summer. But does this mean they are abandoned after the summer season elapses? No, they are replaced by the fur Bucket hats.

If you are a big fan of bucket hats, you don’t have to change your fashion taste as a result of season changes. You can wear a fur Bucket hat on your jacket or, basically, anything to keep your head warm. A fur Bucket hat is foldable, and you’ll find it quite useful during your winter adventures.


When choosing a travel hat for your trip, consider using the typical travel hat criteria stated earlier in this article to decide. In addition, it is important to choose a travel hat that fits the weather at your travel destination as well. And remember, there’s always a hat for every occasion and every season.

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