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Famous street food of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is well-known for its lush greenery, scenic beauty, and delicious food. Street food in the state is renowned for its authentic and delicious cuisines. Many people think that Shillong is all about momos and noodles. But there are many more options in Meghalaya Trip.

Meghalaya is located in the northeastern part of India. Meghalaya’s staple food is rice, vegetables, meat, and fish. Meghalaya have their own cooking style. The cuisine is influenced by the local produce. Three distinct styles are used to cook Meghalayan food. It is dependent on the Jaintia, Khasi, and Garo community food types.

1. Jadoh

Jadoh, popular street food from the Khasi community, is known for its rich flavor. It is mostly red rice with pork. For different tastes, the locals may also offer it with chicken or fish. Jadoh offers a variety of exotic ingredients, including green chilies and ginger, bay leaves, onions (turmeric), turmeric, black pepper, and garlic. The rice has a lovely yellowish color and delicious aroma thanks to turmeric. This is a delicious and must-try pork dish.

2. Doh-Khlieh

This healthy and delicious salad includes minced pork, onions, chilies, and onions. You can also make this dish Mexican by adding beans, carrots, and lemons to it. You can also serve it with curry, bread, and pig brains.

3. Nakham Bitchi

This soup is very popular and can be eaten before or after meals. It is made up of Nakham, a dried fish. To get a thick soup texture, it is fried and boiled. It is seasoned with plenty of pepper and chilies, which gives it a unique flavor.

4. Pumaloi

Steamed and powdered rice is a favorite food in Meghalaya. It is prepared in a special pot called Khiew Ranei and cooked at medium heat. It is a popular Meghalayan dish that people enjoy at festivals. It is accompanied by a curry dish.

5. Dohneiiong

The Shillong people love this dish. This is a dish made from pork curry. The pork is fried in a thick gravy. It is rich in flavor thanks to green chilies and pepper, red onions, as well as local spices like black sesame.

6. Tungrymbai

This is a healthy meal that uses fermented soya beans, as well as boiled and diced pork, onion and black sesame, and other spices. To bring out the best flavors of the Tungrymbai dish, the ingredients are combined and sauteed.

7. Pudoh

It is very similar to Pumaloi rice except it contains pork chunks. To enhance the flavor, it is served with curry.

8. Minil Songa

It is a Garo tribe’s favorite dish that is rice preparation. This sticky rice has a distinctive texture and rich, nutty flavor. It is sticky due to the high amount of starch. It is prepared by boiling rice in fresh bamboo and then serving it as snacks. This healthy dish helps to relieve constipation and improves digestion. According to the reviews, Meghalayan street food is the best.

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