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How to Get Dubai visa From India

Dubai welcomes everyone, so get your Dubai tourist visa in order! Because Dubai is every Indian’s dream destination, here’s everything you need to know about obtaining a visa. Since the end of the pandemic, life has begun to return to normalcy, and people have begun to travel again, showing a desire to take vacations. 

Dubai has been attracting a large number of tourists, especially since the Dubai Expo 2022 was held there. Those considering a trip to Dubai and wondering whether or not obtaining a Dubai visa is difficult? The answer is that obtaining a tourist visa for Dubai is rather simple.

The requirements to get a Dubai visa from India are: 

  • Firstly, one will need a passport that’s valid for at least six months. This is a crucial point to remember since if the requirements for the minimum validity are not reached, the visa will not be given. 
  • Second, passport photos taken within a time span of the last four months are required. These photos must be taken with a white background only. Any other backdrop in the picture could lead to the visa being rejected. 
  • Finally, book a two-way ticket or at least have a return ticket. Also, although no one ever asks for one, an itinerary and proof of lodging should be carried along too, just to be on the safer side. 

Once the Dubai tourist visa application process is complete, attach all the above-mentioned documents to the visa application form and pay the visa fees. Then it’s simply a matter of days before the visa is delivered. The visa is usually valid for two months, depending on the type of visa one has applied for. That means the traveller has sixty days to enter Dubai before the visa expires. Individuals who enter Dubai within sixty days are allowed to stay for thirty days.

Covid Documents & Certificates

Now, just cause the pandemic has come to an end, that doesn’t imply that tourists can travel without their COVID-19 documents. There are a few necessary documents required. According to the rules and regulations for post-pandemic travel, they may also request COVID-related documents. The four main documents one needs to bring with them are:

  • RTPCR test with negative results
  • Form for quarantine
  • International health insurance
  • Health declaration form

A Dubai visa can be obtained through a travel agency or on any travel websites. There are professional visa service companies that are excellent at processing visas, especially if one has previously had difficulty obtaining a visa. The cost of a Dubai tourist visa varies depending on the type of visa you want. 

Okay to Board

Before boarding a flight to the UAE, Indians must have an Okay to Board permission on the visa. This is a requirement for all South Asians including Indian nationals applying for Dubai visa from India to visit the UAE. When your visa arrives, the airline checks it and gives an Okay to Board status on the plane ticket’s PNR on the day of your flight. Individuals will be unable to travel to Dubai without the Okay to Board permission. 

Places to visit in Dubai 

Once people have their Dubai visa and ready to travel, must-visit places in the city among the other tourist attractions are:

  • The Burj Khalifa – The tallest skyscraper in the world  
  • The Dubai Mall – The biggest mall in the world with shops just a large 
  • The Dubai Fountain – The biggest musical fountain in the world. Performance starts post sunset. 
  • The 18-carat gold-plated Dubai Frame – The largest frame in the world which is also covered in gold on the outside. 
  • Global Village – Shopaholics haven and an amusement park as well.  
  • Miracle Garden – A magical garden filled with over a million flowers and a billion 
  • Atlantis Palm – A five-star hotel built on man-made islands that are shaped like palm trees. This hotel offers a variety of activities without needing to book a room at the hotel.  

In conclusion, to receive a Dubai visa one has to ensure that all their documents and vaccination certificates are in order. Also, use the services of a professional visa company that specialise in obtaining visas. They will provide you with a hassle-free experience.

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