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How To Travel To Egypt On A Budget: 2023 Budget Travel Guide

Egypt is a land of ancient history and cultural significance, attracting millions of tourists every year. While traveling to Egypt can be expensive, with the right planning and preparation, it can also be done on a budget. In this guide, we’ll show you budget travel tips and how to plan a thrifty trip to Egypt without sacrificing the experience.

Benefits of Planning a Guided Tour in Egypt

A guided tour in Egypt can be a great way to save money and make the most of your trip. You’ll have a knowledgeable tour guide who can take you to the best landmarks and show you the hidden gems that most tourists miss. You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that your transportation and accommodation are taken care of, saving you time and money on your Egypt tours.

Also, guided tour companies offer the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers and make new friends. Group tours can be a great way to not only save money but also to bond over shared experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Tips for Navigating Egypt On A Budget

Egypt is a budget-friendly destination, but you still need to be mindful of how you spend your money. Here are a few essential tips to help you navigate Egypt on a budget:

Egypt Budget Travel App:

When planning a budget travel trip to Egypt, using a budget travel app can be incredibly helpful in saving money and time. Many apps offer features such as price comparisons, deals on flights and accommodations, and insider tips on where to eat and what to see.

Additionally, some budget travel apps can also assist with the visa application process such as Atlys. They provide guidance on the required documents and fees and can even help with filling out the application form. This can save travelers the hassle of having to navigate the visa process on their own.

Essential Safety Tips

Egypt is generally a safe country for tourists, but it’s always important to be mindful of your surroundings and take basic precautions. Don’t let safety concerns dampen your spirits when exploring Egypt’s rich history and culture. Follow these simple safety tips, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your trip.

Be cautious of street vendors: While many street vendors are friendly and honest, there are some who may try to scam you. Be wary of those who are overly pushy, and avoid any deals that seem too good to be true.

Respect local customs and traditions: Egyptians are generally friendly and welcoming, but it’s important to respect their customs and traditions. Learn some basic Arabic phrases and be courteous when interacting with locals.

Dress appropriately: Egypt is a conservative country, so it’s important to dress appropriately, particularly when visiting religious sites. Cover your shoulders and knees, and avoid wearing revealing clothing.

Carry hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is a must-have when traveling in Egypt, particularly when using public transport or visiting crowded areas. Use it frequently to avoid getting sick.

Stay away from unmarked areas: While Egypt has many wonderful places to explore, it’s important to stay away from unmarked areas, particularly at night. Stick to well-lit and populated areas, and always trust your instincts.

With these essential safety tips, you can explore Egypt with confidence and peace of mind.

Shopping and Dining Tips

Egypt is a country rich in culture, and a major part of that culture is its cuisine and shopping experiences. With its famous street markets and bazaars, instead of expensive tourist restaurants for delicious meals, you are bound to spend a few extra bucks. 

So here are some shopping and dining tips that can help you make the most of your trip to Egypt:

Try the local cuisine: Egypt is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes dishes like koshari which is a mix of lentils, rice, and pasta), ful medames, a dish made from fava beans, and hawawshi, a type of stuffed pita bread. Don’t be afraid to try street food, as it’s often the best and most authentic.

Explore the local markets: Egypt has many vibrant markets, also known as bazaars or souks, where you can find everything from spices and textiles to jewelry and souvenirs. Be prepared to haggle, as bargaining is part of the culture. Start by offering half of the asking price and work your way up.

Save money on food: If you’re on a travel budget, consider eating at local restaurants instead of tourist hotspots. They often offer more affordable prices and more authentic cuisine. Also, consider ordering mezzes to share with your travel companions.

Save money on shopping: Before buying anything, be sure to compare prices and quality across different shops. It’s also a good idea to shop at markets or souks, as prices are often more negotiable there. If you’re interested in buying souvenirs, consider purchasing them from a fixed-price shop, as these often offer better prices than tourist shops.

Getting the Best Deal

Egypt is a country that’s famous for its vibrant markets and shopping experiences. Whether you’re looking for spices, textiles, jewelry, or souvenirs, there’s something for everyone in Egypt’s markets. 

Here are some tips on how to get the best deal and save money while shopping in Egypt:

Do your research: Before you start shopping, do some research on what you’re looking for and what a fair price is. This will help you avoid being ripped off by shop owners who might take advantage of tourists.

Haggle: Bargaining is a way of life in Egypt, so be prepared to haggle. Start by offering half of the asking price and work your way up. Be respectful and friendly, and don’t be afraid to walk away if you can’t agree on a price.

Shop in the right places: Tourist shops in popular areas like Cairo and Luxor tend to have higher prices than markets and souks in less touristy areas. To save money, consider shopping in less crowded areas or smaller towns.

Consider group discounts: If you’re traveling with a group, consider asking for a group discount. Some shop owners might be willing to offer a lower price if you’re buying multiple items.

Look for fixed-price shops: Some shops in Egypt have fixed prices, which means you don’t have to bargain. These shops tend to have higher quality items at a fair price, so it’s worth looking for them if you’re interested in buying souvenirs.

So do your research and compare prices before making any purchases. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and haggle for a better price.

Packing Essentials

Packing for a budget-friendly trip to Egypt is different from packing for a luxurious trip. Here are a few essential items to pack:

Clothing and Gear Necessities

Packing light and breathable clothing made from cotton or linen that covers your skin is ideal. This will protect you from the sun and keep you cool in the heat. Pack loose-fitting clothes that cover your shoulders and knees for when you visit religious sites. 

Bring Comfortable Shoes

Egypt is a country full of ancient ruins and bazaars, and you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes, like sneakers or hiking shoes, to explore the country’s treasures. Avoid flip-flops, as they are not suitable for uneven terrain and will leave your feet exposed to heat and dust.

Must-Have Items

Bring a refillable water bottle, a camera, sunscreen, and a travel adapter. Don’t forget to pack a hat and sunglasses for added protection.

Exploring Historical Sites

Egypt is home to some of the most famous and well-preserved historical sites in the world. Here are a few must-see tourist attractions:

Must-See Attractions

The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Temple of Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings are just a few of the many landmarks to see when you can visit Egypt.

Budget-Friendly Options

Consider visiting sites during the off-peak season, and consider purchasing a multi-site pass to save money.

Egypt is a budget-friendly destination that offers a wealth of history and cultural significance. With the right planning and preparation, you can have an unforgettable trip without breaking the bank. Use these budget travel tips to help you navigate Egypt on a budget and make the most of your amazing trip.

Final Tips for Traveling to Egypt on a Budget

Traveling to Egypt on a budget can be an incredible experience, but it’s important to plan ahead and make the most of your resources. With these final tips, you can have an amazing trip without breaking the bank.

  • Research your destination
  • Stay in well-lit areas
  • Opt for local restaurants
  • Negotiate and haggle for a better price
  • Pack lightweight and breathable clothing
  • Visit historical sites during the off-peak season
  • Consider purchasing a multi-site pass


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