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Top Attractions to Visit With Your Family This Summer

Summer vacation is a time of the year that most children and students look forward to. An extended break from school as well as improved weather and lots of sunshine mean that the summer months are perfect for activities and adventures.

However, if you are a parent, you can find yourself scrambling a bit during the summer to figure out just what you should do with your family on those precious days off. You might be fortunate enough to take some time off from work to spend with your kids, but you do not want to have them simply sitting around the house watching TV the rest of the time.

While there is nothing wrong with a few low-key days inside every once in a while, it is a good idea to have some outings and activities planned for summer ahead of time. In order to round off your summer adventures, it is worth having a look at some of the top family attractions around the country. You might even be able to build a full-on family vacation around one of these attractions.

With that in mind, if you are currently wracking your brain to figure out where you should take your family this summer, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Antelope Canyon

If you have already seen attractions like the Grand Canyon and your family thoroughly enjoyed the experience, there are other similar attractions that you can check out as well. The great thing about canyons and natural wonders of this kind is that no two are the same. You are guaranteed to have a unique experience unlike anything else, no matter what natural wonder you choose.

One such attraction that would be perfect for a summertime adventure with the family is Antelope Canyon X. The best Antelope Canyon tour will give you a great deal of information about the park as well as a guided look at the canyon.

Since Antelope Canyon does not fall within the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, you have to use an official guide for your visit. However, such guides are incredibly knowledgeable and will be able to give you the best experience possible when you visit Antelope Canyon X.

Myrtle Beach

If you are in search of a family-friendly beach destination but are not interested in going as far south as the Florida coast, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is the perfect setting. The beaches are pristine and tend to be much calmer than some of the more popular beach destinations, and there are also a variety of fantastic attractions to enjoy in the area.

Kids will love a day at Family Kingdom Amusement Park, while there are also a decent number of fantastic restaurants for you to enjoy. Just make sure to start researching and booking your plans early, as many other families will be heading to Myrtle Beach this summer as well.


Have you ever wondered just where your family’s favorite brand of chocolate originated? A trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, this summer would make for the perfect occasion to find out. This attraction has so much more than chocolate to offer, even though there is plenty of that to go around as well.

The town of Hershey gained its name from Milton Hershey, the founder of the world-famous chocolate company. The town itself boasts the Hershey factory, an amusement park, a great zoo, and several other notable attractions. This is the sort of trip that anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy during the summer months this year.

Lake Tahoe

Another location that is perfect for the family that loves to enjoy plenty of activities in the great outdoors is Lake Tahoe. This destination is conveniently located along the border of California and Nevada and has a great deal to offer families who are looking to stretch their legs and take in some beautiful scenery this summer.

The lake itself is truly something to behold, while the surrounding forests and hills are perfect for hiking and adventuring. There are also a number of quaint towns spotted throughout the area that are filled with perfect accommodations that everyone will enjoy.

You might even find yourselves making plans to return in the winter for some skiing and snowboarding at one of the many ski resorts around Lake Tahoe. While the weather is still warm, though, you and your family can take a refreshing swim in the blue waters of the lake.

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