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How to Make a Trendy Promo Video?

Promo videos are a way to visually tell the story of your brand and product in an engaging and relatable way. It is a material campaign that works to increase revenue and brand awareness. You can use it in various contexts, including marketing websites,  etc.

It should be entertaining and compelling if you intend to make a promotional video for your campaign. Not only that, the editing tools should be relatively inexpensive. Edit your video using the free promo video maker without going over budget, allowing you to create powerful videos throughout all channels.

This article discusses how to make trendy promotional videos, when to use them, and other related topics.

Steps to Make Trendy Promotional Videos

Spreading awareness of your company is essential for ROI and brand advancement. The basic structure every video chooses to follow is the same regardless of the company, the spending plan, or the purpose of the video.

The steps listed below will assist you in putting your video idea into action and pique the interest of your target audience.

Know your goal.

Before planning your promotional video, consider why you need to make one. Because promotional videos can be costly, it is critical to know your brand’s goal.

For instance, if your brand is new, you should introduce it to a larger audience. You may simply have a sale and need a video to encourage people to buy. Is it your intention to inform customers or to increase website traffic? You might want to boost sales and customer engagement.

Keep your concentration on the task at hand.

Keep your focus on the event you’re promoting when making a promotional video. Understand the guests’ experiences, the vendors, the date of the event, and many other critical details.

Create a tease

The profoundness of your brand is not the focus of this aspect. This advertisement entices consumers or clients by promising a bonus, freebie, or something similar. Make cuts in your edit and add tuneful buzzwords or titles to produce a brief, enticing trailer highlighting a promotion.

When creating a powerful teaser, keep the following in mind:

  • Make People Excited
  • Make it flexible
  • Goal Audience Reaction
  • Reusing Resources
  • Brand Recognition

Select the duration.

Your promotional video should be as long as necessary to achieve your marketing objectives. Will there be 30 or 60 seconds? You may want a promo video that is a minute or longer. A compelling promotional video should be 30 to 60 seconds long. 

Without some time constraints, your video will likely be overly long and disjointed. 

Do not ignore graphics.

Whether there is a discount code or a promotion that is about to end, adding a visual CTA is an effective method. Use graphic titles to aid the viewer in concentrating on what you wish them to remember.

Choose a video aesthetic.

When making a promo video, the visual design is equally important.

There are many ways to bring your video’s visual aesthetic to life, but the following are some suggestions:

Animated: Animated Illustrations that are “cartoonish” in nature and have been brought to life in 3D, etc.

Stock: When used sparingly rather than throughout the entire video, stock footage can aid in the creation of your narrative. On promo video maker online, you can find millions of stock videos.

Live action: Permit the addition of motion graphics or special effects components to real-world footage.

B-roll Promotional Videos: The extra footage is between “main shots” of action or scenes with flashbacks.

Screencast: A digital capture of a computer screen that frequently includes sound, movement, or some demonstration.

Multiple social media versions

Publish your promotional videos regularly, especially for time-sensitive promotions. Experiment with different edits of your promotional videos. You can use a free promo video maker to keep your social media feeds from becoming too repetitive.

When to Use a Promotional Video?

Since promotions are effective, sometimes all a potential customer or client needs is a little extra encouragement to take the plunge and try out your offering.

Since marketing videos are compelling, all prospective customers require extra encouragement to try your brand. Making a promotional video for your services can help spread the word in a way that appeals to your target audience. Because videos make information simple to understand and remember, customers mainly watch them from the brands they support.

According to research, 50% of mobile phone users bought products from businesses that offered more valuable information than the brands they were planning to purchase.

Promo videos are an enjoyable and efficient way to spread knowledge, especially regarding information your audience must quickly understand and keep. Promotional videos draw in new clients and encourage existing ones to stop by and know your brand.

Kinds of Promotional Videos

There are many different kinds of marketing videos available. However, the best choice for your company will depend on the type of messaging you want to use and where you intend to showcase it (Social media channels or marketing websites). To mention the following are some types of promotional videos:

Promo Ads

They are brief advertisements for Google ad campaigns, or they can be positioned on websites or in sectors similar to yours.

Social Media Video Ads

You can find these videos on social media platforms. They must be scroll-stoppers, short, pleasant, to the point, and highly catchy to be effective.

Bite-Sized Promotional Videos

These kinds of promotional ads are the shortest. They contained short segments, no more than 15 seconds, that aided in making a quick point.

Brand Videos

Try using a brand video to spread the word about a particular good or service. These videos focus on a product and talk about the subject of your brand.


The fundamental steps in creating a promotional video are scraping, storyboarding, producing, putting together your video edit, and marketing. 

Using a promo video maker tool is crucial if you want to make effective marketing videos that stand out.

Additionally, remember that you should use the advice mentioned above if you want to make a trendy promotional video that grabs viewers’ attention.

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