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5 Spring Wedding Trends

Spring is a popular season for traditional weddings. Popular trends for spring weddings include utilizing fresh flowers and other greenery to complement the decor and color palette. Other trends include booking outdoor venues and curating wedding catering menus to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you are planning a wedding, here are five spring wedding trends to consider before your celebration:

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues are a great option if you are planning a spring wedding. The warmer weather provides a comfortable environment for outdoor ceremonies without being too hot. Let your guests take in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine during your ceremony. If you are planning an entirely outdoor wedding, find a venue that can set up separate spaces for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception dinner. A unique setting for each event can help keep your guests engaged with each other and their environment. Add some springtime magic to your wedding by booking an outdoor venue during peak blossom season.

While spring is a great season for outdoor weddings, it can come with unpredictable weather. Plan for inclement weather by using canopies, tents, or pavilions. Book an outdoor venue with nearby, functional indoor spaces that can shelter your guests from unexpected spring showers.

Mid-day Ceremonies

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, consider an early ceremony time. Morning or mid-day ceremonies allow your guests to enjoy the warm spring weather before the chill of the evening sets in. If you are planning an indoor wedding, schedule your ceremony early in the day to create a more relaxed event. Holding an early ceremony gives guests a few hours to relax before the cocktail hour, dinner, reception, or afterparty. A mid-day ceremony eliminates the need to rush from event to event and keeps your wedding from running late into the night.

In-season Florals

Embrace the new growth of spring by incorporating in-season florals and greenery in your wedding decor. Choose flowers like peonies, tulips, and hydrangeas — these flowers bloom in the spring and work well in bouquets. You can also opt for an all-greenery bouquet made with eucalyptus and fern leaves or a combination of greenery and flowers. Hire a trusted florist to supply fresh, in-season floral arrangements for your aisle decor, arbor, centerpieces, and more. To reduce your florist expenses, look for venues with outdoor flower gardens or on-site enclosed greenhouses. Fresh, in-season florals bring spring to you, even if your wedding is indoors. 

Seasonal Wedding Catering

Spring wedding catering menus can be curated to include seasonal fruits and vegetables. A seasonal menu can include items like salads with fresh arugula, strawberries, peas, and radishes. Consult with your caterer to determine what kinds of seasonal ingredients they use. If they offer drinks and desserts, choose items that incorporate fresh, colorful ingredients like mint leaves, lemons, and peaches.

If you are hosting a morning or mid-day ceremony, consider catering breakfast or brunch for your guests. Collaborate with your caterer to create a menu with fresh fruits, parfaits, mimosas, and other light, sweet options. Building your wedding menu around seasonal spring ingredients can help you save money and serve your guests high-quality, healthy meals.

Coordinated Color Palettes

Spring weddings are commonly associated with pastel pinks, purples, yellows, blues, and greens. You can incorporate traditional spring colors into bridesmaid dresses, bouquet flowers, tablecloths, and place settings. Bright colors also work well for spring weddings. Choose bright shades of pink, red, yellow, and orange to emulate the natural beauty of spring flowers.

If you want to take a less traditional route, choose a monochromatic palette for your wedding dress code. Monochromatic palettes like pink or green help the natural colors of your floral arrangements stand out against dresses and suits. A monochrome palette can also be carried through all aspects of your wedding decor. Choose greenery-filled bouquets and arrangements, green bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, place settings, invitations, and more to match your color palette and the environment of your venue. 

Start Planning Your Spring Wedding Today

Incorporate fresh, in-season greenery, florals, and food into your spring wedding. Consult with your florist to bring your wedding to life with in-season flowers and greenery in your bouquets, centerpieces, and arbors. Find a wedding catering company that can create a menu using in-season ingredients you and your guests will love. Consider booking an outdoor venue and a mid-day ceremony to bring light and energy to your spring wedding. Keep an eye on current spring wedding trends but plan your event according to your unique taste and style.

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