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How To Prepare for Your Wedding Photography Session

If you are getting married soon, you have the opportunity to capture your special day and create cherished memories with wedding photography. You will have your wedding pictures and videos years after your wedding, so you want them to tell your love story beautifully. Here are some tips to help you prepare and make the most of your wedding photography session:

Find the Right Photographer

Your choice of a wedding photographer determines the results of your photography session. When talking to wedding photographers, ask for samples of their work to see if they fit your style. If you love a photographer’s work, you may likely love what they do with your wedding photos. 

Meet with photographers whose work you like and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Hire the wedding photographer you feel most comfortable talking with, as it will be easier for you to discuss ideas and share your love story with them. This can help them develop a theme that best captures your love story. 

If you have a wedding videographer, ask them if they work with a photographer. Hiring a photographer and videographer from the same company works well because they already have experience working together. They will often have solid communication and a similar style already established.

Plan the Photography Session 

Sit with your photographer before the wedding day to plan the photography session. Discuss the photography locations, moments you want them to capture, and poses you want to include in the photographs. 

If you have a wedding planner, bring them along to meetings with your photographer or inform them about your wedding photography plans. Your wedding planner can work with your photographer to schedule photography sessions at ideal times throughout your day. 

Minimize Photography Locations

Moving to several locations for wedding pictures eats into your time for taking the actual pictures. Minimize the number of photoshoot locations to maximize your wedding photography sessions. 

If you are doubtful about the background options at your venue, visit the location before the wedding with your photographer. Let them show you how they can work with the background. Wedding photographers are creative and can work with almost any background to set a romantic scene. 

Be on Time for Setup

Start getting ready for your wedding early to avoid delays that can put you behind schedule. Try to have your hair and makeup done before the wedding photographer arrives. This can help you have more time for your wedding photography session. 

If you start getting ready early, your photographers can take their time documenting the final touch-ups and candid moments with the wedding party, family, and friends. You might even have time to do a first-look picture and a couple’s session before the ceremony begins. Being on time can allow you to better enjoy your special day.

Plan for the Best Lighting

If you booked a venue with a scenic background, find out which times of the day bring out the beauty of the background. The romantic hues before sunset make any location look beautiful in wedding photographs. 

Avoid taking pictures when the sun is too bright since you might not look your best under the harsh light. Morning hours before the sun starts shining too brightly and late afternoon when the sun is starting to set are ideal for wedding pictures. 

Prepare To Have the Best Wedding Photography

Preparing for your wedding photography session beforehand may help you feel more relaxed during the session. Your photographer can capture all the special moments on your wedding day as you and your partner enjoy the ceremony and reception. Find a capable wedding photographer to enjoy the best results.

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