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How to Prevent Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

One of the exciting elements of large ceremonies is people adorning themselves with stunning, shiny pieces of jewelry for the occasion; this adds to the beautiful scenery of the event.

Sure, just like everybody else, you want to also appear your best in events adorning yourself with your favorite pieces of jewelry. However, it becomes a problem when you have to keep your jewelry safe and free from tarnish.

Have you tried all methods to ensure your jewelry retains its shine, but it was to no avail? You need to read these proven tips and apply them to enjoy the results.

●    Keep Moisture Away

Moisture destroys jewelry metals quickly, however, you can’t take exposure to moisture away especially after being worn during the day. Sweat, rain, and other contacts with moisture during this period can’t be avoided, so, how do you keep moisture away?

Immediately you notice moisture on your jewelry piece, clean them off. You probably have been cleaning your jewelry all wrong.

To clean your jewelry after use, soak it in gentle soap mixed with lukewarm water. By dropping your jewelry into this mix, the moisture and other damaging elements that may be on its surface will be removed.

Leave your jewelry in this mix for about ten to fifteen minutes. Remove afterward and gently pat with a soft cloth.

If your jewelry is quite sensitive to harsh chemicals that may be in the soap, make use of baby soap. This is less harsh and contains no elements that can destroy your jewelry.  However, if you’re not sure about how best to clean your jewelry, speak with your jeweler.

●    Store Safely

The next tip to help you reduce the risk of your jewelry tarnishing is to store them properly. Many people would just place their jewelry on the table without any protection or covering. And hence, the jewelry is exposed to elements that lead to tarnishing.

A safe way therefore to preserve your accessories, not just from tarnishing but also from being lost, is owning a jewelry box. This is even a must if you’re organizing your wedding plans, so you don’t misplace your precious earrings and wedding bands.

However, for the pieces of jewelry, you wear every day, you can place them in a separate container to avoid opening your jewelry box or cabinet often. This is also a better way to keep your jewelry safe from tangles and make them easily accessible for next use.

For your necklaces, you can buy a hanger to store them. Hangers help you display your collection of necklaces easily and make them ready for wearing. Some jewelers also provide advice on the best way you can store their product.

●    Store Your Jewelry According to Metal Style

Another wonderful tip that will make your jewelry last long without any tarnish problems is storing them according to their metal type.

This tip is very important because some metals especially when they’re low in quality may get tarnished easily. And other pieces of jewelry in the same container may begin to tarnish when they are in contact with them for a long time.

A good way to do this is by storing your jewelry in a stackable organizer. This is a good storage item that allows you to store your jewelry safely in a single place.

So, take some time to sort the metals and arrange them in each compartment. You’ll be really happy you did and your expensive jewelry won’t have any problem contacting tarnishing from others.

●    Spray With a Jewelry Protectant

A tip you should not forget to use is this one here. A jewelry protectant is similar to sun shades you wear to guard against harsh exposure of sunlight to the eyes. So, if you do not own a jewelry protectant, it’s time to get one immediately.

There are tons of jewelry protectants and you need to be wary of them because some may trigger allergy reactions. So, take some time to learn about the different types available and the materials they’re made from.

●    Remove Your Jewelry When Applying Makeup

A lot of things can make your jewelry tarnish and one of these is makeup materials. These contain a mixture of oil, water, and other materials that can affect the surface and metal material of the jewelry. So, it’s better to wear your jewelry after applying the makeup.

Also, you may want to apply the cream on your body before the jewelry too. Both makeup and cream make your jewelry have a moisture buildup easily and this is something you want to avoid.

●    Apply Nail Polish Often

Another great way to allow your jewelry to remain safe from tarnish is the application of nail polish often. A lot of jewelry has a coating of nail polish that easily falls off after a few wears, depending on the metal.

So, immediately you notice some nail polish flakes on your jewelry surface, then you should take some time to apply a fresh coating. This little step will keep your jewelry free from tarnish and get them shining every time.

●    Temperature Matters

While storing your jewelry, the temperature of the room matters. A harsh temperature may build up humidity and moisture on your jewelry surfaces. So, ensure the room is cool and dry enough to accommodate your jewelry.

Do not store your jewelry container near the heater, it’s quite dangerous to the health of your jewelry. Rather, ensure the room is not too cool or hot.

This tip is more important to follow when the weather becomes extremely hot. Ensure your jewelry also gets enough cool air just like you’re enjoying.

Also, leave your jewelry box in a dark area. A good place could be inside the closet. Exposure to light can affect the temperature of your jewelry.

Technology seems to have a great way of helping out in this area by providing climate-controlled jewelry storage boxes. Try using this if you can afford one and you won’t have to worry about humidity buildup on their surfaces.

●    Place Silica Packs in Your Jewelry Boxes

Here’s a tip that won’t require you to spend, rather you’re making use of materials around. Silica packs are those found in newly bought items and stored in white papers.

Though they should be stored away from children, food, and pets, these can be useful for you and the jewelry sets. So, instead of throwing the silica packs away, place them in your jewelry boxes.

Why? Silica packs according to experts can absorb moisture from surfaces they’re placed in. That’s why you find them in packaged items. Now that you know about this tip, make use of it right away.

●    Professional Jewelry Cleaning Twice a Year

Lastly, you want to ensure your jewelry sets get the premium treatment at least twice a year by giving them to a jeweler for professional cleaning. You may have done yours, but professional cleaning goes a long way to removing tarnish buildup on your jewelry.


You’ve got enough to save your jewelry from tarnishing now. Whether you’re shopping for your wedding jewelry or other occasions, you have the best idea on how to keep them safe after the event now.

You may not have the time for some immediately, but making use of the easy tips here like using silica packs for storage and soaking in soapy water for some minutes will help.

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