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Tips to choose the right wedding photographer for your big day

For most couples, a wedding is one of the most momentous, special and memorable days of their lives. A wedding gives the chance for partners to demonstrate their love for each other to family and friends, while also giving them unforgettable memories that they’ll share forever.

However, while memories are all well and good, since the invention of the camera, couples the world over have wanted to mark their special day with a gallery of photos. Where memories inevitably fade, having photos of your big day will allow you to relive these intimate moments for decades.

Choosing the right wedding photographer

While there are no hard-and-fast rules to choosing the best photographer, below are some tips that should help ensure you find a professional that’s fit for the job.

Do your research and ask friends: As with most areas of life, there are good wedding photographers, bad wedding photographers and everything in between. Bearing in mind your wedding is very much a one-off day (and likely took months to organize plus cost significant money), you should take the time to research a photographer that’s right for you. Ideally, you’ll know some friends that used a service (or services) in the past and can give you recommendations.

Search online: It’s estimated around 71% of all consumer journeys now start online – and finding the right wedding photographer is no exception. A professional photographer will always have a website and should also have a presence on the main social platforms (Facebook, YouTube and, of course, Instagram). If they don’t have these key tools, be very wary.

Check ratings and review sites: Facebook does a relatively good job of giving client ratings but don’t forget to check other review sites for more in-depth comments and ratings. Googling terms like ‘Wedding Photographer in Chicago’ should bring up a huge range of links and review platforms to help you ascertain the skill of your proposed photographer.

Ask to see a real-world portfolio of work: Even if you think you’ve found the perfect photographer for the job, you should still ask to see a physical portfolio of previous work. These days it’s easier than ever to scour the web and simply copy/paste other people’s work onto your own site pages. A respected photographer should have no issue showing you their work.

Work out your budget: Choosing a higher-priced photographer may not necessarily guarantee they’re better than their rivals but it’s important you at least have a starting budget from which you can base decisions. Between paying for venues, wedding clothes, catering, flowers, there’s very little cheap about weddings. However, it’s important to remember all these other items will pass once the day is over and become mere memories. Having wedding photos (or even a wedding video) will provide a lasting memento of your day – one that you’ll treasure for many years to come and be able to proudly show your children (and grandchildren).

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