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Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

When we’re kids, we dream of the perfect wedding surrounded by our friends and family. It’s a day of romance, great food and dancing into the early hours. If you want to make your wedding extra special and you and your guests love to travel, a destination wedding is a wonderful way of tying the knot. There are so many locations, countries and places you can choose to make your wedding a day you and your guests will remember for the rest of your life but we’re not going to focus on where you might go in this list. Rather, here are some unique ideas to complement your destination wedding and make it really shine.

The Invitations

A great wedding starts with the invitations, and if you’re having a destination wedding, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and let that shine through on your invitations. Theme your invitations so your guests instantly recognise them. How about a creative luggage tag with your names and destination on it that your guests might even use? Any other form of travel paraphernalia works here too. You could make the invitation look like a boarding pass or even a passport styled invitation to complete the message. The more creative might even opt for a folded paper plane. You can even find some free templates online.

A unique and travel themed invitation with all the details your guests need will set the tone for what’s to come.

The Accommodation

The accommodation will likely be thematic of the destination, but it doesn’t have to be a hotel. There are lots of opportunities to make the accommodation as unique as the wedding itself. One idea might be to use a service like Yurtel who will set up some of the most unique luxury glamping weddings you’ll ever experience for you and your wedding guests. How picturesque might it be to enjoy the outdoors on your special day, retiring to a tented camp at the end of the night to really experience the local outdoors and scenery?

Wedding Favours

The wedding favours are where you can really let your creativity shine through when you choose a destination wedding. Here it’s all about where you are and using local products or things that your guests can remember your destination wedding by. If you’re in a tropical location with lots of sun, some sunscreen with a label with your names and wedding date on it might be both useful and commemorative, as might some local tourist gifts or food. If you’re in Mexico, for example, small tequila bottles might be perfect – as would a handful of the local coffee beans if you’re in a coffee growing region. Because your guests are likely going to be staying at a hotel, you might have reception hand out a tote bag with some useful things for the stay.

On the Beach

Many destination weddings feature a ceremony or reception that’s on the beach, or at least close to it. Incorporate this setting into your wedding day. For example, instead of a traditional candle ceremony, why not opt for a sand ceremony, where you and your partner pour two different coloured sands together into a container, never to be separated again? It will make a great piece for the mantle at home, and you won’t need to worry about the candle flame going out. You could also provide branded flip flops with your names on them to your guests to walk in the sand so they don’t have to worry about their shoes, or line the venue with tiki torches if the wedding will extend into the evening.

Hire a Boat

Destination weddings don’t have to be all about the destination – they can be about the journey too. A travelling wedding aboard a boat is an idea that provides guests with a unique experience. Hire a river boat and cruise slowly up the waterways as your magical day unfolds, including your ceremony and reception – all aboard a boat. Of course, guests won’t be able to just get off when they are ready to leave, so perhaps schedule a couple of stops along the way and include them in your passport-themed invitation so they can plan where they’d want to disembark.

A destination wedding is all about the experience of the location, so incorporating some of that into your wedding day will make it all the more special. Once you’ve chosen your location, look up the local cultures, foods and traditions and make it part of your day. Use these ideas as inspiration and create a one-of-a-kind destination wedding that will stand out from a crowd!

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