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What Is Wedding Insurance? Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that the average American wedding costs around $28,000? Some of the expenses involved in a wedding include the venue, catering, dress, photographer, music, and flowers.

Because weddings are so expensive, you should consider getting wedding insurance. Wedding insurance prevents you from losing money from events out of your control.

Are you wondering if you should invest in wedding insurance? If so, keep reading to learn how, why, and when you should invest in wedding insurance.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Before investing in wedding insurance, you need to learn what it covers. While your insurance policy will vary, wedding insurance covers weather events, issues with the venue, injury, and illness.

Most insurance policies have a maximum dollar amount they cover, so make sure you choose a policy that covers your expenses. Some policies may include liability insurance, cancelation insurance, or both.

Most wedding insurance policies don’t cover costs if you cancel the wedding for relationship reasons. They also don’t cover lost or stolen wedding gifts.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Weddings are expensive, so you may worry about the cost of adding wedding insurance. Wedding insurance costs a few hundred dollars, depending on your wedding and the policy you choose.

While wedding insurance is an extra expense, it is worth it for the peace of mind. Some weddings cost as much as buying a new car, and you wouldn’t hesitate to get insurance for that.

Where to Buy Wedding Insurance

The type of wedding and how much you are spending will determine where you should buy insurance. If you are having the wedding at your house, start by asking your homeowner’s insurance company.

They may be able to cover accidents such as something breaking or someone getting hurt. If you are doing the wedding at a venue, look into wedding insurance companies. Your wedding planner may give you recommendations.

When choosing a policy, consider how much you are spending and what is covered. You also should read online reviews to ensure you choose a company that is professional and cares about its customers.

When Should You Buy It?

You should buy wedding insurance as soon as you start planning the wedding. If you or your partner invest in expensive rings, consider also buying engagement ring insurance.

Before you pay for your venue, food, and photographer, you should get insurance to cover the cost. If you pay money before getting insurance, the cost may not be covered.

Some contractors require a deposit that you can’t cancel, so don’t risk losing that money. Some vendors also provide insurance, so ask before covering it on your policy.

Is Wedding Insurance Right for You?

Investing in wedding insurance is a good option if you want to protect the cost of your wedding. When looking for the best insurance coverage, consider the maximum amount, how much the policy costs, and the insurance company.

When planning your wedding, check out our blog to learn more about preparing for the big day.

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