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Why to rethink before any remarriage

Are you the one thinking about remarriage (or third, or fourth, it’s up to you). Good for you! Marriage is a challenging and meanwhile super exciting thing to do, there are a lot of other things to consider. The thing is, second marriages are not the same, first thing to be kept in mind: the next marriage is not the previous one. We have collected thoughts from counselors, therapists, and remarried people of remarriage which could help anyone feeling confused.

  1. You are still you: You are the one who dominated your life. You could pick a new partner, but due to some issue you had to face some downfalls in your marriage they could be the same in your second marriage as well— unless you resolve them.
  2. You might remarry for the wrong reason: All the best matrimonial sites in India tellare their client to ask themselves a question: “how important this second chance is for them?”
  3. You will have a new level of respect for marriages: In the second marriage, partners tend to have more respect towards each other, their individuality, and their different opinions compared to their previous marriage.
  4. Tactual communication: Touch- could be harder to maintain in the second marriage. Both are at different stages of life, since it is not the first time both of them already have an image, it will take time to overcome it.
  5. More efforts required: Partners have to put more efforts into this second chance as they do not want to get failed again. Keep on trying, a marriage is not a promise it’s about bonding and living together for emotional and physical support.
  6. Things are being compared: Never thought that remarrying is an option to erase everything from the past. You may catch yourself reminiscing about the early marriage and compare it to the new marriage. This is not obvious.
  7. Think practice, not perfect: The good thing about the second or the third marriage is that you do have the opportunity to get it correct – this time. You have learned many things from the past about the strengths, weaknesses, and what does – or does not – work for you.
  8. Kids—one of the biggest things: Real! Do not expect everyone to get along all the time or even much of the time. Understand that all the children have some memory back in their mind. Since they cannot fall in love with someone new immediately.
  9. You may feel letdown: When you get married again in Hindu or Punjabi marriage, there is always an expectation that the new relationship would be incomparably better. Rather than thinking a new marriage is going to be a night-and-day switch for overall happiness. Think of it as more of a gradual change—or embrace the new happiness which is coming your way.
  10. Your new spouse may feel jealous: It is a normal human tendency, sometimes your new spouse could feel like they are there to save the date. But when a previous marriage was not that bad.

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