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Method : –

Sit on the ground.

Bend the left foot forward and put it in the rear back to the anus to the anus.

Fold the right leg forward and bring it like the first leg so that the right leg of the leg gets completely beside the buttocks.

The left leg claw should be straightened with the ground and the right foot clinging to the ground.

Take the right hand on the back of the throat (backwards) towards the shoulder.

Bring left arm back to the left and bring from the back side to the neck towards the neck so that the fingers of the fingers get trapped.

Then keep the upper part of the waist, keeping it seated.

Eyes should be open and the breath keep running smoothly.

Repeat this action by changing from left to right.

In this condition, the right foot will be attached to the anus and the left hand and left foot will be felt above. The knee will stick to both situations.

Benefit : –

  1. The practice of this posture removes the stiffness of waist, buttocks, arms, knees, feet, and hands.
  2. Hands and sleeves are strong.
  3. Removes the stiffness of the shoulder.
  4. By practicing this asana, the chest is wide and the fundamentals are automatically formed.
  5. This posture is used to clean 15 million pores of the lungs, therefore it is beneficial in liver problems like asthma.
  6. This posture improves blood and makes proper communication.
  7. It is easy to remove indigestion, arthritis, diabetes, depletion, metabolic deficiency, intestinal disease, dream defects, and other diseases.
  8. The toxic substances go out of the kidney and remove the urinary obstruction.

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