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Sit and apply Padmasana. Pick up the back part from the ground and take the head back so that the part of the roof of the head should be on the ground. Hold the left toe with right hand and right toe with the left hand.

Applying the knees to the ground, lift the back part so that the whole body is only kneeling and the body is raised above the head.

Note: This seat can also be done in water, at that time the hands are open and remain behind the throat.

Benefit :

  1. Matsyasana make the face & skin attractive and the body becomes radiant.
  2. This posture cures the disorders of spinal cord.
  3. Removes uterine and menstrual diseases of women.
  4. Matsyasana cures the constipation, enhances appetite, digested food and destroys stomach gas.
  5. This posture is beneficial for the lungs and removes respiratory diseases such as cough, asthma and inflammation of the airway.
  6. Matsyasana removes eye problems.
  7. This asana in water removes fatigue in the water.
  8. This asana removes the stress of the neck and the pain of other troubles & shoulders.
  9. Matsyasana Creates and circulates pure blood in body.
  10. This posture removes mental impairment.
  11. Matsyasana makes the legs and arm strong.
  12. Matsyasana removes skin diseases.

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