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Method: –

Sit on the ground. Fold the left leg through the knee and place the heel on the right thigh that comes close to the heel navel. Then turn the left leg through the knee and place it on the left thigh so that both of them can be found near each other near the navel. Keep looking up front and keep the part of the waist upright. Put your knees on the floor and place both hands on the knees.

Benefit: –

  1. This posture strengthens the spinal cord and the legs.
  2. padmasana enhances digestive power.
  3. By this posture easy mind and meditation get concentrated.
  4. This posture makes the nerves of the lower part of the waist solid and lustrous.
  5. Moss pulp becomes soft by the practice of padmasana.
  6. This posture keeps it away from diseases such as arthritis, constipation, fail-foot, filariasis.
  7. Practice of padmasana prevents sweat in legs.

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