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Siddhasana / Accomplished Pose – Concentrate Your Mind

Steps To do Siddhasana/ Adept Pose / Accomplished Pose:

Sit on the ground. Place the left leg heel above the anus and on the suture pulse below the testicle. Pick the right leg’s heel and keep it on the genitals. Put thumbs of both legs between the thighs. Keep the whole body, especially the waist upright.

 This posture has the following 5 types of visions.

  1. Seeing between the two eyebrows.
  2. Look at the front.
  3. Look at the next part of your nose.
  4. Seen with half-closed eyes.
  5. Keep eyes closed.

Benefit of Siddhasana / Adept Pose / Accomplished Pose : –

  1. This posture concentrate the mind.
  2. Siddhasana is good for meditation, worship.
  3. Siddhasana  removes odor, anal and gonorrhea.
  4. Lust from this posture is not awakened, semen is not destroyed.
  5. many kind of positive energies are attained by continuous practice of yoga asana.

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