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Indus PROgress Savings Account for the Self-Employed

Being a self-employed professional has its merits. You can decide your work timings, location and take time off whenever you feel the need. Being your boss is a dream in today’s corporate work culture climate.

But it’s not all a bed of roses. As your own boss, you need to look into aspects of your business that wouldn’t concern an employee with a regular salary. This includes managing your business finances, working within a budget and adhering to tax requirements.

And this is not easy without the correct bank account. That’s why IndusInd Bank brings you the Indus PROgress savings account, specially designed to meet the needs of a self-employed professional.

Here, we will be discussing everything there is to know about this savings account.

Indus PROgress Savings Account

A savings account is one of the most essential bank accounts today. Not only does it help you in managing your money, but it also helps you nurture a habit of saving. And most importantly, it helps you in your journey to becoming financially independent, which is foremost for any self-employed individual.

The Indus PROgress savings account comes with exciting benefits, making it one of the market’s best savings accounts. These include,

·        100% discount on a locker for a year (worth up to Rs 10,000)

·        Free annual Time Prime membership

·        Free movie tickets and discounts on grocery and food delivery services

·        A Non-Maintenance Charge (NMC) waiver, subject to a professional certificate and an initial payment of Rs 2 Lakh

·        Free Add on accounts for family members

·        10% discount on loan processing fee

By opening this savings account for self-employed professionals, you can save as much as Rs 37,599.

This savings account for self-employed professionals offers a higher interest rate than is prevalent in the market, adding to the list of reasons that make it the best saving account for you.

My Account My Number

IndusInd Bank offers a truly unique service by making it possible for you to create your own account number.

Whether it’s your lucky number, a number mentioned in your favourite song or one that holds great significance for you, IndusInd Bank lets you personalise your banking experience by enabling you to make it your savings account number.

IndusInd recommends the Visa Signature debit card with this account, which comes with additional benefits like free annual movie tickets worth Rs 6,000 and complimentary access to the domestic and international airport lounges, among others.

To Sum Up

A savings account is an excellent way of keeping a portion of your earnings safe for the future and separate from funds you use to meet daily expenses.

The Indus PROgress savings account is one of the best savings accounts for self-employed professionals today. With its unique blend of services and rewards, IndusInd Bank gives you an unmatched banking experience. It also follows a 100% online and 100% paperless approach so that you can manage your finances right from the comfort of your home.

To learn more, visit their website today.

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