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Saraswat Bank Account Balance: 4 Ways to Check Instantly

Saraswat Bank is one of its kind in the Indian Banking industry. They have proved that even the co-operative banks can perform better. Recently in one of the surveys, the data shows that Saraswat Bank has surpassed HDFC Bank and SBI Bank in terms of growth rates in 2020.

There are thousands of people who have a bank account with Saraswat Bank. When people have a bank account it is quite obvious that they care about the balance they have in their bank account. This guide will help those people. I have discussed 4 ways using which the balance can be checked in Saraswat Bank.

I have mentioned both online as well as offline ways in this guide. If you want to use the online ways you will need to have access to the internet. Along with a fast and stable internet connection, you should also have your bank account credentials like Username and Password with you.

You should always make sure that you don’t share your confidential account details with anyone. And you should strictly never enter your details on any unofficial website. This kind of information should always be used with care. And only on the official website and mobile application issued by your bank.

I am telling you this because there are many websites that look like the official website of banks in India. But the fact is they are not the official websites that are owned and operated by the banks. So when you enter your details on these websites you are exposing your account to the bad guys on the internet.

This was about online ways. And for offline ways, you will need to have things like your bank passbook registered mobile number and the ATM Card.

4 Ways to Check Saraswat Bank Account Balance

The 4 ways are giving a missed call, using internet banking, using mobile banking, and by sending SMS. All these are explained in detail below.

Missed Call Banking

Missed call banking is one of the most loved features of the Saraswat Bank. Almost all the banks which are operating in India have this feature for their account holders.

The reason why people love this feature is all you have to do is give a missed call and you will get the details about your balance.

Just give the missed call and wait for the SMS to come from the bank. The bank will send you an SMS which will be having the details of your remaining account balance.

But you have to give the missed call from your registered mobile number only. Now let me tell you which number you have to give the missed call.

The balance enquiry number of Saraswat Bank is 9223040000. If you want to know the missed call balance enquiry number of all banks then you can use this linked guide.

Internet Banking

If you want to check the remaining account balance using internet banking. Then you should first activate internet banking for your bank account.

In case you have already activated it then that’s good. If you have not done it yet then there is no problem. Just go to the official website of Saraswat Bank and use the new user registration link.

It will hardly have 5 minutes to activate internet banking from the official website of Saraswat Bank. (Saraswat Co-operative Bank) After activation, you have to log in to your internet banking account.

Enter your login credentials carefully and log in to your account online. As soon as you login you will be taken to the user homepage of the internet banking portal.

Here you will find your bank account(s) listed and also their remaining balance will be displayed to you. While using internet banking it is always recommended to have anti-virus software on your computer.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is just like the internet banking feature. But here this is designed to be used on smartphones. It is a compressed version that is optimized for use on smartphones.

But you will get almost all the internet banking features in mobile banking. To start using this you have to first install the mobile banking application on your smartphone.

Once you have installed it, open the application and enter your login credentials. After a successful login, you can see the remaining account balance of your bank account on your screen.

As simple as that. But make sure that you install the application from the trusted sources only. Just like internet banking, there are fake apps on the internet that are not operated by the banks.


The last and the 4th way to check Saraswat Bank account balance is with the help of SMS. This is a part of the SMS banking feature of the bank.

Here the bank will be providing pre-defined keywords that are assigned with certain tasks. What you have to do is type this keyword and send the SMS to the bank’s number.

In return, you will get an SMS from the bank which will have your bank account balance mentioned in it. Type the SMS as BAL YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER and send it to 9223810000.

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