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Private Cabin Cafe & Restaurants For Couples in Gurgaon

To devote some cozy moments with your partner, friends and family, you will seek a warm and private location far from the commotion in the bustling IT hub, Gurgaon. A heap of cafes & restaurants offering personal space is concealed in the heart of Gurgaon.

Visitors who have the wish to sit in a gratifying ambiance, relish delectable cuisines with a foaming sip of coffee or a refreshing drink, dive into the melodies of engaging music and pour the warmth of their heart in front of a beloved one privately etc can come to these secret realms.

For a search of the best private cabin cafes and restaurants in Gurgaon, you’ve landed on the right page. Here we have rounded up the most prominent and frequently chosen private dining spots of Gurgaon for you.

Let’s embark on the imaginary exploration of private cabin restaurants in Gurgaon.

The Big Tree Cafe, Gurgaon

Laying out a dreamy vibe all around, The Big Tree Cafe in Gurgaon is an open-air cafe with private space. Those who are planning a dream of spending romantic moments under the starry sky must visit this location. Stunning tent-shaped canopy, dazzling light arrangement, comfortable sitting, endearing music, towering trees with fairy lights and a masterpiece menu comprising international platters, drinks and desserts etc win the hearts of privacy seekers.

You can utilize the separate fountain area for spending some quiet moments with your partner and gazing at the sailing ducks in the water. Besides a romantic dinner date and anniversary celebration, you can plan the private birthday party of your close friend and host a small family get-together as well. Do not forget to give a personal touch to your celebration.

Address – Dayal Farms, opposite Paras Quartier, Gwal Pahari, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

A quick view of convincing features of The Big Tree Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1300 – INR 1500 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – International and Indian

Highly Recommended – Thai green curry, Paan Kiwi shake, Nachos Mexicana, Lamb Chops, Dal Makhni & Onion Rings

Live Music – Available

Live Performance – Available

For Contact –   08183959595

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The Hideaway Farmhouse Cafe, Gurgaon

Akin to its name, this private cafe offers a perfect “Hideaway” from the whirling lifestyle of Gurgaon. The homey ambiance of Hideaway Farmhouse Cafe comprises rustic bamboo shades and walls. Well-maintained property with a catchy sitting area for couples, dim lights with a sense of romanticizing the ambiance, sporadically placed greenery and engaging melodies of your choice etc turn it into an idyllic location for a dinner date, anniversary and partner’s birthday celebration.

This private cabin cafe of Gurgaon is not just about sitting, eating and enjoying privately but a private and spacious pool location also uplifts its craze among visitors. While spending cozy moments with your loved ones, you can relish the signature & delectable dishes of The Hideaway Farmhouse Cafe. From a wide variety of starters & drinks to lip-smacking meal options, the menu of this cabin cafe offers plenty of choices to the guests.

If you are willing to please your partner with a personalized decoration to express some unspoken feelings of your heart, feel free to pour your thoughts in front of the amiable host of The Hideaway Farmhouse Cafe while booking it. We will strive for giving reality to your imagination.

Address – behind Capital Cyberscape, Ullahawas, Sector 59, Gurugram, Haryana 122101

A quick view of convincing features of The Hideaway Farmhouse Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1000 – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Indian and American

Highly Recommended – Reshmi Chicken Tikka, Club Sandwich, Tandoori Fries, Bombay Bhel & Garlic Wings.

Live Music – Available

Live Performance – Available

For Contact – 09810590530

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Greppo Cafe, Gurgaon

Naming Greppo Cafe “the mini Goa of Gurgaon” isn’t erroneous. Unlike other private cabin cafes & restaurants in Gurgaon, you can sift through ample choices regarding a private space. Settle down on the comfortable mattress of a cabana or choose a secluded table-chair pattern, Greppo Cafe is an ultimate couple-friendly location.

This open-air private cabin cafe in Gurgaon is a cornucopia of distinct features. Apart from its lavish private sitting setups, the regular live music performance for the guests amplifies the pleasure of a date or celebration. You can satiate the tickling taste buds of your guests or partner with Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine and International Cuisine etc. Last but not least, the extensive range of smoothies, cocktails, mocktails, shakes and desserts gives a refreshing and sweet close-up to the guests.

Address – Golf course extension road, near Paras Trinity Greppo Cafe, Baharampur Naya, Sector 61, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

A quick view of convincing features of Greppo Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Rooftop sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1500 – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Indian, Chinese and International cuisines

Highly Recommended –  Mussakka Pizza, Veg Grannys Burger, Customized Salad, Paprika Prawns and Rosemary Roasted Chicken etc.

Live Music – Available

Live Performance – Available

For Contact –   08282828154

Address – Golf course extension road, near Paras Trinity Greppo Cafe, Baharampur Naya, Sector 61, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

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The Forestta, Gurgaon

Based on the lush forest theme and embellished with dreamy lights, this private cafe has the hearts of couples due to its inviting vibes. Along with the cozy sitting set up for the regular guests, they have three cabanas that you can hire privately for the desired time.

Hosts of The Forestta romanticize the interior of private cabanas with dim & fairy lights, endearing music of the guest’s choice, personalized decor theme and an intimate sitting frame.

A wide variety of delectable cuisines uplifts the experience of guests even higher. While booking the cabanas you can add a touch of personalization to the presentation of the remarkable dishes as well.

Address – Plot No 27 Sarsawti Kunj, Golf Course Road Sector 53, Golf Course Rd, near petrol pump, opposite Alchemist Hospital, Saraswati Kunj II, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

A quick view of convincing features of The Forestta -:

Private sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1500 – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Indian, Chinese and Thai and Continental cuisines

Highly Recommended – Manchow Soup, Green Apple Mojito, Forestta Fruit Punch and Amritsari Parathas etc.

Live Music – Available 

For Contact –   +91 9818282878

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Guftgu Cafe, Gurgaon

Nestled in the heart of Gurgaon this romantic paradise allows you to express your warmth and affection to your bae through poetries/ Shayari drenched in sheer love. The private space for couples is furnished with an authentic wooden sitting area with an eye-catching tree decor. Vibrant heart balloons, fairy lights, the slight touch of greenery and soothing background music create a lovey-dovey vibe all around.

The grace of its warm & inviting ambiance is intensified by the live music and stand-up comedy shows. If you are willing to blend your romantic dinner date with a punch of comedy, and appealing music or pour the oasis of love through poetries, The Guftgu Cafe of Gurgaon is all set to embrace your desires amiably.

A range of authentic Indian and fancy international dishes levels up the mood of guests and compels them to become their regular patrons. Don’t miss capturing your beautiful moments in the aesthetic ambiance of Guftgu.

Address – Opposite DLF City Court, Main Road, &, 34 Main Road, opposite Pillar No 33, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

A quick view of convincing features of Guftgu Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1200 – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Indian, Italian and Continental cuisines

Highly Recommended – Falafel Wrap, Bruschetta, Coleslaw sandwich, Baked Nachos etc.

Live Music/Poetry/comedy show – Available 

For Contact – 09310022110

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Lamhe Cafe , Gurgaon

The bubbly vibe of this Greece-theme-based rooftop cafe & restaurant is widely popular in Gurgaon. To ditch the hustle and bustle of city life own a private space in Lamhe Cafe and spend some lifelong memorable moments with your beloved partner or close ones. The private space of Lamhe Cafe has white walls and curtains combined with blue cushions and tables gives a vibe of Santorini Shores.

Besides the captivating picture-perfect ambiance, the scrumptious food & drinks are another catch for the guests here. Greek cuisines add a spark to the menu and offer an exceptional experience to the guests who love surprising their palate with new tastes.

You can dedicate a romantic song to your love through the live music session hosted here. With all these influential features in the evenings, the private rooftop spaces feel like a fairyland for love birds.

Address – Terrace Plot No. 38, 26 Dhaba, Saraswati Kunj, Golf Course Rd, near HR, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

A quick view of convincing features of Lamhe Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1500 – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Indian, Greek and other International  cuisines

Highly Recommended – Triton Hummus Platter, Rustique Chicken Club Sandwich, Firey Gulab Jamun, Mushroom Risotto, Shabnam Curry etc.

Live Music Performance – Available 

For Contact – 095823 52596

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The Cabanas Gurgaon

As the name conveys, The Cabanas Gurgaon is an idyllic location with a cozy setup and an unparalleled dining experience.  Imagine yourself sitting right in front of your partner under a cabana shed with fairy lights, covered with flimsy white curtains and surrounded with lush greenery, aren’t you sensing butterflies in your stomach?

To uplift the experience of couples one notch higher, the hosts of the property adorn the center table with dim lights, floral petals and other accessories that solely belong to the personal choice of guests.

Apart from the complete privacy feature, the scrumptious delicacies combined with classic cocktails bang the taste buds of guests enjoying their peculiar occasions. From International to pure Indian cuisines, The Cabanas Gurgaon leaves no chance to amaze immensely.

Address – Gate No.2, opp. Pathways School, Baliawas, Gurugram, Bandhwari, Haryana 122002

A quick view of convincing features of The Cabanas Gurgaon -:

Private sitting – Available

Outdoor Sitting – Available

Live Music /Live Performance – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1100 – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Indian and International  cuisines

Highly Recommended –  Veg Appetizer, Hot drinks, variety of smoothies, English breakfast, variety of Non-Veg options and cocktails etc.

For Contact – 09560548638

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Di Ghent, Gurgaon

Repleted with warm and comfy vibes, the finely designed & cozy ambiance creates an inviting atmosphere for the couples. Located in the heart of the city yet away from the rush, Di Ghent is a perfect couple spot on the top floor of the Cross Point Mall. The brilliant utilization of wooden crafts in the interior, huge glass windows and welcoming doors give a vibe of a quaint Parisian Cafe.

Here you can save a private place for you through the booking and weave some indelible memories of love with your partner.

In between the romantic conversations, the tantalizing aroma of the coffee, freshly prepared waffles, bakery items, salad, kinds of pasta and desserts drags you on a high-energy note. So what else are you waiting for? Book a space in this cozy cafe and go on a lovely date with your partner!

Address – 208, Level 2, Cross Point Mall, Opposite Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

A quick view of convincing features of Di Ghent Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Live Performance – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1000 – INR 1500 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines –  International  cuisines especially the Italian delicacies

Highly Recommended –  Egg Benedict, Risotto, Bagels, Blueberry Cheesecake, Variety of sweet and savory croissants and Belpaper Cupcake etc.

For Contact – 01244227444

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The Gully Cafe, Gurgaon

Planning a proposal or a thoughtful dinner date at a private place encapsulated by a lush garden ambiance? The Gully Cafe of Gurgaon will fit very well into the frame of your desires. Quite close to one of the most prominent locations, Leisure Valley Park, The Gully Cafe is equipped with both indoor & outdoor seating arrangements. 

Private treehouse tents for love birds are available in outdoor areas. Far away from the commotion of people’s chatter, a serene and soothing intimate setup fills the warmth in the guests’ private moments. You can ask the host to personalize your decor with fairy lighting, heart balloons, flimsy curtains and lamps etc. Soulful music uplifts the mood of couples.

A romantic occasion feels bland without lip-smacking edibles & refreshing drinks. At Gully Cafe, you must try your hands at the highly recommended delicacies. The amiable and prompt services of the staff, pet-friendly areas and spacious parking leave an impactful mark on the guests.

Address – Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122022

A quick view of convincing features of The Gully Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Pet-Friendly location – Yes

Cost for two people – INR 1000 – INR 1500 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines –  Italian, Chinese and Indian Cuisines

Highly Recommended – Cheese Balls, White Sauce Pasta, Crispy Corn, Chilli Mushroom, Chilli Chicken and Corn Cutlet etc.

For Contact – 08077803289

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House Of Cabanas, Gurgaon

Wrapped with greenery decors and night lights, these small yet appealing cabanas make the love even denser between couples. You will spend some unforgettable private, cozy & warm moments in this captivating decoration and engaging music. Due to being an open-air location and surrounded by lush greenery, House Of Cabanas is ideal for celebrating a precious moment in the evening or night.

The picture-perfect ambiance, lovey-dovey vibes, endearing romantic music, complete privacy and an extended range of signature dishes, smoothies, cocktails & refreshing juices etc turn it into a small paradise for couples.

In House of Cabanas, you will find a variety of Cabanas as well. Whether you like wooden dome-structured cabanas having a table chair setup or a tent-shaped cabana with comfortable cushions & mattress setup, this location offers you the desired one.

Address – adjacent to Tata Primanti, Dhani, Sector 72, Gurugram, Haryana 122004

A quick view of convincing features of House of Cabanas -:

Private sitting – Available

Rooftop Sitting – Available

Live Music – Available

Live Performance – Available

 Cost for two people – INR 1500 – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines –  Indian Cuisines and a variety of International snacks, drinks and desserts.

Highly Recommended –  Spiral Potatoes, Prawns in Schezwan sauce, Ferrero Rocher Waffle, Mutton Rara, Thukpa etc.

For Contact – +91 9560548638

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A few points to consider for ensuring a delightful private date –

  • If you want to feel the calm & composure of a private space to the fullest, plan your date on a weekday instead of the weekend. During the weekends, the couple’s locations become densely packed with crowds.
  • A lunch date can be more cozy than a dinner date. During the evening the cafes and restaurants become more vibrant and bustling.
  • Whether it is a weekday or weekend, you must reserve your private space before visiting. The contacts of the above-listed prominent private cafes & restaurants are mentioned there.
  • The choice of indoor sitting, open-air ambiance and rooftop sitting etc depends on the weather conditions. As Gurgaon’s weather receives scorching heat during peak summers and a chilling atmosphere in winter, you should pick an indoor or outdoor location wisely.
  • Do not miss the special offers provided by the hosting authorities of these private cafes & restaurants for occasions like birthdays, romantic dates and anniversaries etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q – What are the best private cabin cafes and restaurants for couples in Gurgaon?

A – The Big Tree Cafe, Guftgu, Lamhe and House of Cabanas are some most prominent private locations for couples in Gurgaon with an intimate sitting setup.

Q – Why one should choose a private cafe or restaurant for dates or other celebrations?

A – The private locations are the best way to skip the clamor of bustling restaurants & cafes.

Q – Are these private cafes and restaurants for just romantic dates?

A – No, you can book them for friends’ birthday celebrations, small family time and hanging out with close friends.

Q – How to book private space in cafes and restaurants in Gurgaon?

A – You can contact the authorities of the above-listed locations through the given number and book place, decoration, cuisines and other desirable things on call.

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