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Red Chief

1. how to clean red chief leather shoes?

The red leather is very delicate. The red chief leather shoes must be first cleaned with a brush gently to remove all the dirt and debris that are stuck in the shoes. Thereafter, to remove the strains, one should mix vinegar and water in equal quantities.

2. which is better red chief or red tape?

Shoes of Red Chief are better in comparison to red tape. The shoes from Red Chief are durable. These shoes are comfortable to wear too. The shoes from Red Tape are comparatively less sustainable and durable.

3. how to identify original red chief shoes?

Red Chief is one of the brands that produce shoes made of leather only. The box of the shoes will have the logo of the company. the USP of the company is to sell pure leather shoes. Some of the boots have the logo printed on the shoes.

4. red chief shoes is of which country?

Red Chief shoes are manufactured in India. It is an Indian brand. Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd is the manufacturer of Red Chief. The company was founded in the year 1997.

5. which is better woodland or red chief?

Red Chief shoes are much better than Woodland shoes. Red Chief sells shoes made from pure leather. The shoes are light and comfortable to wear while the shoes from the woodland are much heavier than Red Chief. The lifespan of both shoes is 2 to 3 years.

6. who is owner of red chief?

The owner of Red Chief shoes is Manoj Gyanchandani. He is the founder and Managing Director of the company. He has been managing the company since its foundation. His passion, strong belief and managing skills have taken the company to such heights.

7. which leather used in red chief?

Red chief uses genuine leather in its shoes. However, different types of leathers are used in the shoes of Red Chief to manufacture the shoes of different types. This helps to make the shoes different from each other.

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