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Anonymous Ways to Swap BTC to ETH

Bitcoin and Ethereum remain leaderboard toppers in every possible aspect. BTC has traditionally occupied the first place based on market cap and popularity and was closely trailed by Ethereum — the first crypto to have a real utility. 

That’s why most people look for a way to exchange the two digital assets, and many are curious about doing it anonymously. Both BTC and ETH are anonymous cryptos, and it’s understandable that many crypto owners want to keep it that way the entire time — even when they’re trading.

In the following article, we’ll explore different ways to swat BTC to ETH anonymously. But first, let’s see what we can expect from the two popular cryptocurrencies in the future.

What to Expect in the Future?

Both cryptocurrencies had their ups and downs. Bitcoin’s first huge increase in price took place in December 2017, and Ethereum followed shortly after. However, “digital gold” recorded an all-time high on November 10, 2021, when the price reached $68,789. Ethereum’s all-time high also took place in 2021. On November 16, a single unit of ETH reached $4,891. 

The value of both cryptos has been very volatile throughout the years, but it’s safe to assume that the average price has been increasing from its beginning to the present moment.

But the real question is whether that will keep happening in the future. Can we expect Bitcoin and Ethereum’s prices to continue increasing in the upcoming years? Let’s take a look.

BTC Price Forecast

According to, Bitcoin’s price will likely increase in the upcoming years, continuing its trend. The average price of BTC will reach around $56,000 in 2024, which will further increase to $603,680 by 2023. In ten years, the price should go north of one million per BTC.

DigitalCoinPrice claims BTC will reach an average of $65,164 by 2024 and go up to $516,000 on average by 2032.

ETH Price Prediction has a positive prediction regarding the price of Ethereum, claiming that the average price will reach around $3,373 by 2024. Moreover, it says that the price will be around $32,600 by 2030 and go north of $67,000 by 2032.

Ethereum’s future is bright because it can be exchanged for many other ERC-20 tokens, including the Voyager token (BQX). BQX’s exchange rate has also been volatile, allowing investors to capitalize on that.

Exchange Platforms: 3 Best Options for Traders

Here are the three best platforms for exchanging Bitcoin to Ethereum anonymously.


Godex offers full anonymity when trading cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t require any registration, and users don’t have to provide any sensitive data to swap BTC to ETH (or any other accepted crypto pair).

All you need is your wallet addresses, and Godex will do the rest for you. Moreover, the platform doesn’t have an upper limit to how many cryptos you can trade, making it one of the few to offer this feature.

Finally, users can enjoy the “fixed rate” option, which adds a layer of stability when trading, and is a great way to fight market fluctuations.


AtomicWallet is a multi-chain wallet that can store 500+ cryptos. It offers free cold storage and even supports storing non-fungible tokens in it. The wallet also provides a sleek and easy-to-use interface.

Moreover, it features in-wallet crypto purchases, which effectively makes it a valid option for swapping Bitcoin for Ethereum. The only downside is that the selection of cryptos you can purchase is much more limited compared to what you can store using AtomicWallet.


LetsExchagne is an easy-to-use platform supporting both crypto tokens and fiat currencies. It’s a decentralized exchange with no KYC processes, which means the levels of anonymity on the platform are high.

Overall, LetsExchange offers a seamless experience for swapping cryptocurrencies, although some transaction costs might be higher compared to similar services.

Exchanging BTC to ETH — Is It a Good Idea?

Both BTC and ETH are predicted to improve in the future, so it’s up to you to spot the right moment and trade the two cryptos to make a profit. For instance, there’s plenty of news related to the Ethereum platform, some of which might affect its price. When the time is right, you should buy or sell ETH for BTC, especially if that can help you capitalize on the price movement.

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