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How to trade crypto ETPs in Sydney

Cryptocurrencies are not a new phenomenon anymore. Over the past few years, it has seen substantial growth in value. Whilst the market is unpredictable, there are opportunities for substantial profits if traded correctly. This post will explore how to trade crypto ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) on the Sydney Stock Exchange. It will allow you to trade these products without worrying about the underlying cryptocurrencies themselves.

What are crypto ETPs, and how do they work?

Crypto ETPs are exchange-traded products that track the performance of underlying cryptocurrencies. They are similar to traditional ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) but with cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset instead of stocks or commodities. Crypto ETPs are listed on stock exchanges and can be bought and sold like any other security. The price of a crypto ETP is based on the underlying cryptocurrency it tracks. For example, if you buy a Bitcoin ETP, you are buying an investment product that tracks the price of Bitcoin.

Why trade crypto ETPs?

You might want to trade crypto ETPs instead of directly buying and selling cryptocurrencies for various reasons.

Crypto ETPs offer exposure to cryptocurrencies without actually purchasing or holding any coins. It can be helpful if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with cryptocurrency wallets and storage. Crypto ETPs are also more regulated than cryptocurrencies, providing peace of mind for some investors.

Another reason to trade crypto ETPs is that they can be traded on regular stock exchanges using traditional brokerage accounts. You won’t need to set up a separate account with a cryptocurrency exchange.

How to trade crypto ETPs in Sydney

If you’re based in Sydney, you can trade crypto ETPs on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). There are currently two ASX-listed crypto ETPs: the Bitcoin Group AUD (ASX: BCG) and Betashares Gold Bullion ETF (ASX: ETF).

You’ll need to open a brokerage account with a stockbroker that offers to trade on the ASX to buy or sell these products. Once you’ve done this, you can order to buy or sell shares in the crypto ETP just like any other stock.

It’s important to remember that crypto ETPs are speculative investments, and prices can be volatile. Before investing, it’s good to research the product thoroughly and speak to a financial advisor to get professional advice.

Tips for trading crypto ETPs successfully

Do your research – As with any investment, it is essential to understand the product you buy and the risks involved. Read up on the underlying cryptocurrency and the associated risks before investing in a crypto ETP.

Understand the fees – when trading crypto ETPs, you will need to pay fees to both the exchange and the product provider, so consider them when making your decisions.

Use stop-loss orders – because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies; it is vital to use stop-loss orders when trading crypto ETPs. A stop-loss can help limit your losses in a sudden price drop.

Be patient – cryptocurrency prices can be highly volatile, so it is essential to be patient when trading crypto ETPs. Don’t make impulsive decisions, and always think about your long-term goals.

Have a plan – as with any investment, it is crucial to have a well-thought-out plan before investing in crypto ETPs. Make sure to set realistic goals and target a profit/loss ratio that you are comfortable with.


Crypto ETPs offer an easy way to trade cryptocurrencies without purchasing or holding any coins. You can trade these products on the ASX using a regular brokerage account if you’re based in Sydney. However, it’s important to remember that crypto ETPs are speculative investments, and prices can be volatile. Before investing, make sure you research the product thoroughly, check out valuable platforms like Saxo investor and speak to a financial advisor for professional advice.

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