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Addressing Staff Shortages: How Can Certified VFX Programs Help India’s Special Effects Industry?

Are you a big fan of Game Of Thrones?

Then, you would be surprised to know that the dragons you saw in the series’ fifth season were created by visual effects artists in Mumbai, India. 

The demand for VFX has risen rapidly, with animation TV and film producers, entertainment firms, and the computer games industry all demanding more. Given that there is VFX in almost everything now, the incessant rise in demand is not surprising.

And what better place than India to get the artwork created? India is a comparatively cheaper place to get VFX work done, and with cloud computing in the foray, it has become much easier to work with Indian artists. 

However, working with the global market also has its challenges, and one of the most prominent ones is the staff shortage in the Indian VFX industry.

At the time of writing, approximately 250,000 people are working in the VFX and animation industry in India. On the brighter side, it is estimated that in 2032, this number will increase to 2.2 million, and online visual effects programs from renowned universities like Vanarts are one way to bridge this gap. 

What Are The Key Benefits Of Getting An Online Diploma In VFX From Vancouver? 

Getting an online diploma in VFX offers several key benefits that can make it an attractive option for many students in India interested in becoming world-class visual effects artists

Here are some of the advantages of studying the art online and contributing to India’s staff shortage:

#1 Lower Cost

  • No Travel Expenses: Indian students can save a significant amount of money by not traveling to and from the institution, especially if it’s located in a different country like Canada.
  • No Cost of Living in Vancouver: Vancouver is known for its high cost of living, including housing, transportation, and daily expenses. By studying online, students can live in their own country and learn the same things as in-person sessions.
  • Overall Savings: The combined savings on travel, housing, and daily living expenses can amount to thousands of dollars, making education more accessible.

#2 Same Education and Credentials as In-person

  • Quality of Education: Online VFX certificate courses offer the same curriculum and quality of instruction as their in-person counterparts. This means students can gain the same level of expertise and skills remotely.
  • Recognized Credentials: The diplomas awarded for online visual effects programs are typically equivalent to those earned through in-person programs. This equality in credentialing ensures that graduates are just as competitive in the job market.

#3 No Study Permit Requirement

  • Simplifies the Process: Indian students looking to study in Canada usually need a study permit, which requires an application process that can be lengthy and sometimes uncertain. Online programs eliminate this requirement and jump straight into the studies.
  • Flexibility: Students can study from anywhere in India without the need to go through visa applications or renewals. This flexibility can also benefit those with commitments in their home.

#4 No Proof of Funds Requirement for IRCC

  • Easier Financial Planning: When applying for a study permit, Indian and other foreign students must prove they have enough money to support themselves during their studies. This requirement is waived for online programs, making the planning and application process easier.
  • Accessibility: This aspect makes higher education more accessible to Indian students, particularly those who might find it challenging to prove financial readiness for in-person studies abroad.

#5 Self-paced Learning

  • Learn at Your Own Speed: Many online VFX programs offer self-paced learning options, allowing students to progress through the course material at a speed that suits their learning styles and life commitments. This flexibility can lead to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and less stress during learning.

Additional Benefits

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Online learning offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing students to balance their studies with work or personal commitments.
  • Global Networking: Students can connect with peers and industry professionals worldwide, expanding their professional network beyond geographical boundaries.

Final Words

The best way to fill the staff shortage in India is to help eager students get into high-quality VFX programs and enter the industry. Online visual effects programs are currently the fastest way to learn and enter the VFX world.

An online diploma in VFX not only offers a cost-effective, flexible, and accessible educational path but also provides the same quality of education and recognized credentials as traditional in-person programs. 

These advantages make it an appealing choice for aspiring VFX artists in India and from around the globe.

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