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Top Blockchain Certification And Training Courses For 2024

Many people have been looking for career opportunities in blockchain for different reasons. It is one of the fastest-growing technologies, expected to reach a market capitalization of $163 billion by 2029. In 2024, global spending on blockchain solutions would amount to almost $19 billion. Furthermore, growing interest in NFTs, DeFi, and metaverse have also fuelled the growth in demand for blockchain technology. 

You can build your career in blockchain with professional blockchain certification from reputed platforms. Certified blockchain professionals can earn anywhere between $90,000 and $325,000 in different roles, according to their skills and experience. Selecting the right blockchain certification course can set your blockchain career on the right path. Let us find out the details of some blockchain certifications that can help you build a successful career in blockchain.

Where Will You Find the Top Blockchain Certifications and Courses for 2024?

You can search through multiple online platforms to find the top blockchain certification for your dreams of professional development. However, it is important to choose certifications from a trusted provider that specializes in blockchain and web3 certifications. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains is a pioneer in blockchain education and research that offers accredited blockchain certifications for aspiring professionals. Here are some of the top blockchain certifications you can find on the platform for your career development in 2024.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional or CEBP certification is one of the promising certification courses for beginners in blockchain. The unique highlight of CEBP blockchain certification course is the accreditation by CPD Certification Service, UK. It helps you prove your knowledge of the core concepts in blockchain technology and best practices for blockchain implementation projects. Candidates with CEBP certification can also showcase their expertise in supporting blockchain transformation through updated tools. 

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

As the name implies, the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect or CEBA certification focuses on blockchain architecture. It is the best blockchain certification for validating your skills in designing and developing blockchain solutions. The CEBA certification training course helps in learning how to choose the right blockchain systems according to client requirements. You can learn about the most popular blockchain platforms for development, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Corda. It is important to note that the CEBA has also been accredited by CPD Certification Service.

Certified Web 3.0 Professional

The Certified Web 3.0 Professional or CW3P certification is the most popular blockchain certification on 101 Blockchains right now. The growing popularity of web3 has invited attention to effective and comprehensive training resources like CW3P certification. It helps in learning about web3 fundamentals, benefits, challenges, and risks. 

You can use the web3 certification to explore the implications of web3 use cases in metaverse, NFTs, and other areas. Most important of all, the certification course also covers the interplay between web3, metaverse, Ethereum and NFTs. CW3P certification has also received accreditation from the CPD Certification Service.

How Can You Access the Top Blockchain Certifications?

You can choose your certification course on 101 Blockchains and register for it directly by paying the specified course fee. However, you can access the blockchain developer certification and web3 certification on the platform at lower prices with different alternatives. You can rely on the Standard and Premium pricing plans for membership on 101 Blockchains to enjoy exclusive benefits. 

The Standard pricing plan, which would cost you $25 per month, can provide a 40% discount on all certification programs. It also allows you to choose any blockchain training course from the 101 Blockchains training library without any additional cost. On the other hand, the Premium pricing plan costs $75 per month and offers unlimited access to all the certifications and training courses. In addition, the Premium pricing plan also offers support for creating your CV and applying to jobs in the 101 Blockchains Jobs Portal.

Final Words

The decision to build your career in blockchain technology might appear challenging in the initial stages. However, the right blockchain certifications or courses could not only boost your confidence but also help you learn the relevant skills. You can use certifications as proof of expertise and commitment to the domain of blockchain and web3 technologies. Find the ideal blockchain certifications for your professional development and take the big step in 2024 now.

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