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Can You Play Dragon Ball Legends on PC?

Dragon Ball Legends is ever increasing in popularity on mobile devices. Not a surprise, really. It is loaded with awesome Dragon Ball fun. Don’t have a mobile device and still want to play this amazing game? Don’t fret. You can now play on PC. If you buy a DB Legends account for sale, will it work? Well, let’s look!

Dragon Ball Legends can be played on PC in some countries. This is because Google has only released the beta version of the relevant software in some countries. 

Is It Better to Play Dragon Ball Legends on a PC?

We’ve heard multiple opinions here.

Firstly – Dragon Ball Legends may be available on PC, but it is still going to be a mobile game. There is no dedicated PC version. This means that you might work a little bit slower when you’re playing the game. This is because swiping, tapping, etc. is not really optimized for computers. However, this might change. You’ll just find that if you’re used to playing the mobile version of the game, you’ll be a bit slower at the start.

If you’re lucky and do a lot of PC gaming already, then playing Dragon Ball Legends on your computer may feel familiar. It still feels like a mobile game, but you should be a bit better at moving the mouse and the keyboard. This means that you might be better at the game. Even then, if you’re not used to gaming on PC, you’ll get used to it. Some players play at a competitive level through their PC. 

How to Play Dragon Ball Legends on PC 

We’re talking strictly about playing on your PC here. At the moment, this process will not work on a Mac. It is unlikely to ever work on a Mac, since Apple are against Google software in their ecosystem, particularly software that will take money away from Apple.

As we said – this process may also not work in some countries. If you Google ‘Google Play Games Beta for PC’ and can install the app, then you should be good to go. 

Once Google Play Games Beta for PC has been downloaded, login to your Google Play account. You’ll need to do this through your web browser (the app will load it up for you). From here, search for Dragon Ball Legends on the store.

Download Dragon Ball Legends and boot it up on your computer. You’ll be asked to sign into your Dragon Ball Legends account. All the progress from the mobile version of the game will be synced, and you can make progress across the two formats. This means that you can pick up your mobile after playing on PC, and all your saved progress will be there.

Play Dragon Ball Legends on PC in the Right Way

It really isn’t that hard to play this game on PC. If you want to be better at it, look at a Dragon Ball Legends tier list. This way, you’ll know what the best characters are in the game. It also means that you can know which Dragon Ball Legends accounts to buy from platforms like

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