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The Top Creative Themes for an Adult Birthday Party

Did you know that 47% of Americans feel unenthusiastic about their birthday? Maybe it’s poor party planning or redundant birthday themes from the past that have them feeling uninterested.

If you’re planning an adult birthday party, it’s important to think outside the box. Whether it’s a unique party venue or an unforgettable birthday dinner, you want guests to remember it for years to come.

The following guide will help you out by exploring the top creative birthday party ideas for adults.

Backyard BBQ and Movie

Consider a backyard BBQ if you’re on a budget and have a nice outdoor area to use. It’s more personal than renting a venue and it’s cheaper to grill up BBQ classics for your guests instead of catering food.

You can include outdoor games such as bocce ball or beer pong for your guests to play. Set up a s’mores station and a fire pit to create a great way for everyone to relax and socialize.

To take the party one step further, set up a projector screen and play some classic movies for your guests. Make sure to arrange the seating so that everyone can get a good view of the screen if they want.

If you don’t already own a projector or screen, they’re both very affordable. It’s a simple way to turn an average backyard gathering into a unique event that your guests will love.

Just make sure to check the weather for the day you plan on having the birthday party. Have an indoor backup plan in case Mother Nature forces you to change your plans.

Cocktail Booze Cruise

If you want an excellent atmosphere and a memorable experience, combining cocktails and boating get the job done! Renting a cocktail cruise provides an intimate gathering for all your birthday guests.

Imagine cruising along the water while looking out at the sunset with a drink in your hands. You’re surrounded by great company and great music as you all celebrate the guest of honor.

You don’t have to live on the coast to find great cocktail cruise options either. For example, you can book a booze cruise here to have an experience in Chicago.

It might cost more than a backyard BBQ, but you’re sure to get your money’s worth. You won’t have to plan out food and drinks or worry about entertaining. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the party right along with your friends and family.

Casino Night House Party

You don’t have to book an expensive trip to Vegas for you and your guests to experience an unforgettable casino night. You can throw a casino-themed house party to celebrate a birthday by adding a few simple touches.

First, come up with a fun drink menu full of themed cocktails. For instance, include Vegas favorites such as the Strip cocktail and picon punch.

Make sure to have plenty of finger foods for your guests to snack on through the night and have them match the theme as well. Consider things like shrimp cocktails, fresh fruit, and plenty of desserts.

Of course, you can’t have a casino-themed birthday party without classic games. Set up a blackjack table, poker table, roulette table, and any other favorites you think your guests might enjoy.

You could even have your guests dress for the occasion to add an extra layer to your theme. Perhaps everyone dresses like they’re in the Great Gatsby or 007 to make the casino experience even more memorable.

Arcade Bar Birthday

If you’re looking for a gaming-themed birthday party idea, arcade bars have you covered. It’s a great way to play classic arcade games, enjoy great drinks, and socialize with guests.

Most cities around the country have arcade bar options and many allow you to rent tables or the entire venue for parties. If possible, rent out the entire bar for a more intimate and personal experience.

Add extra elements to your arcade party by creating high-score challenges and giving away prizes at the end of the night. Combining drinks with a little friendly gaming competition is sure to make for a fun celebration.

Like with a casino-themed party, you can add a dress code to make the night even more memorable. Encourage your guests to dress as their favorite video game characters to liven up the night.

Hike and Camp

If your birthday guests love the great outdoors, consider a day hike and overnight camp for a party. They’ll have the choice to just join for the day hike or stay and camp under the stars.

While hiking and camping don’t cost much, you’ll need to know which guests have gear and how much you’ll need to provide. Make sure to bring plenty of food to snack on along the hike and a meal you can cook around the fire at the campsite.

Of course, this party idea largely depends on the time of year and the weather. If the birthday occurs during cold months, consider renting a cabin instead. Rentals also mean you won’t have to lug so much gear along your hike.

You can also find luxurious yurts to rent if “glamping” is more your style. No matter what shelter you choose, the main goal here is to spend time in nature away from the city for the party.

Planning an Adult Birthday Party

Now you have adult birthday party ideas for any budget and any time of the year. Whether you set sail, venture into the woods, rent an arcade bar, or plan an event at home, your guests won’t forget the birthday bash you throw!

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