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Five reasons why it’s essential to secure travel insurance before every trip

People often travel to break free from routines and the monotony of working or availing education every day. This change in daily pattern, however, leads to an increased exposure to certain hidden risks. This is why every traveller, whether going on a trip within one’s own country or abroad, must avail themselves of the right insurance when travelling. 

In this article, let us explore the importance of travel insurance in securing every trip, how opting for travel insurance is beneficial, and how to purchase one for yourself.

Why is it essential to secure travel insurance before every trip?

Travel insurance is a financial protection offered to travellers, to protect them from monetary losses arising from unexpected circumstances. Every day, people are exposed to a certain amount of risk. This risk, however, is multiplied as people leave their element of comfort and travel. 

These are five reasons why having a travel insurance policy is so important. 

  1. To protect oneself from financial loss
  2. To ensure proper medical treatment
  3. To protect oneself from legal liability
  4. To ensure the well-being of your family in case of disability or death
  5. To be eligible to enter certain countries which mandate travel insurance

Opting for a travel insurance policy protects oneself and their loved ones from the risks and the protections mentioned above. Along with this, the insurance offered to travellers is beneficial like any other insurance. That is, paying a small upfront amount can protect you from having to bear the expenses going up to 1000s of times that amount.

Why buy travel insurance instead of just being careful?

Regardless of its cost, travel insurance is still an expense and one more thing to consider when travelling. From booking flight tickets, securing accommodation, going through the complex and expensive Visa process, purchasing insurance is often the last thing in many people’s minds. 

“I will just be careful” is a common statement, but here is why you should still have insurance when travelling rather than just being careful. 

  • Insurance protects from risks beyond the control of the traveller. For example, getting into an accident, getting sick, or missing a connecting flight. 
  • Foreign travel is expensive, and regardless of being careful, any risks can result in significant financial loss. 
  • Certain healthcare facilities mandate foreign travellers to have insurance to avail of treatment.

How to purchase a travel insurance policy when travelling?

Purchasing insurance for travelling is very simple and convenient. You can take these steps to buy the right international travel insurance policy for yourself. I personally get all of my travel insurance from Niva Bupa, and these are the steps I follow to buy the insurance during my travels.

  1. Visit the Niva Bupa website and open the ‘Travel Insurance’ page.
  2. Fill in the requested details on the form, i.e., type of trip, trip duration, trip destination, and input your phone number. 
  3. Continue to input the traveller details and click ‘Next’ to view the plans. 
  4. Select the right plan based on your needs, choose the amount you want to insure your trip for, preview the premium price, and add any add-ons if applicable. 
  5. Click ‘Continue’ to complete the requested details and upload the relevant documents. 
  6. Complete the purchase and receive the policy on the portal and your email.


Having insurance while travelling ensures travellers get the proper medical treatment and can protect themselves from financial loss and legal liability. This makes travel insurance policy a non-negotiable and a must-have for every trip. So, attain peace of mind and the confidence to travel anywhere and protect yourself. 

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