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What to Know about Upholstery Cleaning?

Your new couch has been delivered to your home after a painstaking process. As you can see, your living room is now complete with furniture and appliances. But as the days go by, that new look has turned into a dull one after having dust settling on its surface. Or probably, a family member just spilled a fruit drink and made the material look unsightly and ugly. For this purpose, you need an upholstery cleaning service to the rescue.

It almost seems impossible to have the new look continue the way it now looks. As a homeowner, you need an Orange County carpet cleaning if you can’t do it by yourself. However, you need to consider some steps before your upholstery, carpet, and other things need cleaning.

  • The Need for Vacuum Cleaning

The first step to clean an upholstery or carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner. It will run through the fabric, the cushion, crevice and cracks. Time will come when the sofa will look faded and dull. This will then need you to hire an upholstery cleaning to remove the contaminants that have sank further into the fabric.

  • Spot Cleaning

As the upholstery of the couch or sofa is prone to droppings and spills, you need to clean and remove the stains individually. If you had to do it yourself, use a white cloth to absorb the liquid before it gets to the fabric of the upholstery. If this task is difficult to do, you can always resort and call an Orange County carpet cleaning.  They are equipped with modern tools and safe cleaning agents to complete the job.  

  • The Cleaning Agent for the Upholstery

The options for cleaning agents will have to rely on the fabric used on the upholstery. This is important to ensure the right cleaning agent and technique to apply. Upholstery fabrics include cotton, wool, leather, acrylic, silk and rayon. These materials need to be handled properly to remain its gorgeousness.

  • Stain Removal

Upholstery cleaning can be done by determining the severity of the stain. Stains are very difficult to clean, especially when a strong substance has spilled on it. How the cleaning and maintenance are done will rely on the homeowner or professional carpet cleaner. A reliable carpet cleaning service will know how to clean grime and dirt from the upholstery. They must also know how the cleaning service can impact the environment.

What to Do and Not Do in Upholstery Cleaning

  • The upholstery must be protected from the rays of the sun to avoid discoloration and fading.
  • Spraying a protector will have a clean and fresh look on your upholstery.
  • If you’re using a candle, keep it away from the upholstery to avoid wax dripping on the fabric.
  • Never use water to clean the upholstery, as it will make the fabric wet for a prolonged time. It’s also prone to mildew, mold, and microbes.
  • Once Orange County carpet cleaning completes the cleaning task, you need to open the windows and turn on the fans for the upholstery to dry.

Final Word

When to maintain your upholstery cleaning will all depend on you. You need to keep in mind that a regular schedule must be possible. Vacuum cleaning on a weekly basis is recommendable as you can remove the dirt and grime on the upholstery’s fibers. Doing it twice a year is also recommendable as you get a clean upholstery and prolong its lifespan. Also, choose organic and eco-friendly products for your cleaning agents. They will ensure your upholstery and everyone in the home are protected from strong chemicals.

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