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Considering Cancer Treatment? Explore the Best Cancer Hospitals in India!

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases humans have ever suffered throughout their journey. One of the most incurable diseases known to humankind affects millions of lives globally every year. Nowadays, due to our lifestyle, cancer cases have increased rapidly. To your surprise, the Indian Council of Medical Research-National Cancer Registry Programme projected around 14.6 lac in 2022 to 15.7 lac new cancer cases in India by 2025. 

Fortunately, India has several outstanding cancer hospitals renowned for their medical technology, expert oncologists, and comprehensive treatment options. As for common belief, the treatment becomes more manageable when we find the best cancer hospitals in India. On the other hand, India is showing constant progress in cancer treatment.  

What are the Warning Signs we should not ignore? 

Early care of cancer is very important for successful treatment. However, the early detection of cancer is not possible. But, as per the researcher, if you feel any of the symptoms mentioned below, consider them warning signs of cancer and consult your doctor immediately. 

If you do not see any signs or symptoms but are concerned about the risk of cancer, you should still discuss with your doctor which screening tests and procedures you should have. 

The most common warning signs of cancer are as follows: 

  • Excessive tiredness
  • Lump in the body that you can feel from outside the skin 
  • Frequent weight changes, mainly unexplained weight gain or loss 
  • Change in skin nature, such as pale or reddened or darkened skin 
  • Wounds or Sores that do not heal quickly 
  • Changes in moles and warts 
  • Change in bowel and bladder habits 
  • Persistent cough and shortness of breath 
  • Difficulty in swallowing 
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • Hoarseness in voice 
  • Continued indigestion or feeling unwell after eating 
  • Constant muscle and joint pain without any reason 
  • Unexplained fever and night sweats. 

What are the Causes of Cancer? 

Cancer is one of those rare diseases whose reason is reasonably ascertained. The most common cause of cancer is mutations in the DNA within the cells. Multiple reasons can cause cancer, such as: 

  • Genetic mutations are the primary reason for cancer. If history of disease like cancer in the family can increase the chances of its spread in the generation as well. 
  • Staying in the sun for a long time is also dangerous nowadays. Yes, excessive contact with the sun will not only damage your skin with sunburn but also cause cancer. 
  • Unprotected sex can increase the chances of infections and HPV and other gonorrheal diseases. This can also lead to cancer, so staying safe and using protection is better. 
  • Excessive exposure to harmful substances (carcinogens) like tobacco and radiation 
  • Our unhealthy lifestyle choices can also result in infections. If these infections don’t treat on time, they can become cancer. 

What is the Cost of Cancer Treatment in India? 

Cancer is considered one of the most severe diseases in the entire world. When opting for the treatment of such a painful condition, everyone wants to clear themselves about the pricing and overall cost for the treatment so they can manage or arrange the expenses. 

During this, looking for information online is also not a good idea because of ample wrong information out there. So, the actual cost of cancer treatment in multispecialty hospitals roams around 133200 to 296000, which is quite reasonable for every middle class. Due to this nominal cost with world-class technology, premium treatment facilities, and a high success rate, patients worldwide come to India for treatment.   

Which are the Top Notch Cancer Hospitals in India? 

Medical procedures are complicated in nature and demand high expertise and experience. Also, knowledge in the field and advanced research are necessary for everyone to expect better medical technology treatment results. Here are some of the best cancer hospitals in India for successful treatment –  

Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care | Mumbai 

  • The Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital is the leading name in cancer care from diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship; the hospital hosts the best medical facilities and the latest technologies. 
  • The hospital claims as a global leader in fighting cancer for over six decades and contributed to several game-changing developments. 
  • Their skilled surgeons in Mumbai remove cancerous tumors using the best treatment for each patient’s condition, considering their age and overall health.

Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad 

  • Aster Prime Hospital is known for providing high-quality, personalized, affordable services to treat patients with severe diseases like cancer. 
  • This multispecialty hospital is a one-stop solution for cancer-related treatment, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and genetic counseling. 
  • They provide specialized care for cancer through 25+ areas of expertise, offering advanced medical and surgical treatments. Our integrated approach ensures a smooth and complete experience for our patients.

SPARSH Hospital, Yeshwanthpur

  • Sparsh Hospital in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, stands out as a leading center for cancer treatment and is true to its advanced medical facilities for comprehensive care. 
  • The hospital continues to be at the forefront of cancer research and treatment developments, including the most recent breakthroughs to improve patient outcomes and the quality of life for cancer survivors. 
  • The hospital always focuses on providing the best care, support, and education about cancer so that patients can become aware of this deadly disease and take care of themselves well. 

Billroth Hospital, Chennai 

  • Started in 1990 by Late Dr. V.Jeganathan, the Billroth Hospital aims to provide its services efficiently, professionally, and effectively. 
  • Billroth Hospital has a team of experienced and professional doctors, surgeons, nurses, and support staff committed to giving the best medical care possible. 
  • Billroth Hospital provides a broad spectrum of cancer services, including screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care, with an emphasis on patient satisfaction at all stages. 

India’s healthcare sector has made remarkable progress in cancer treatment and highly advanced the country’s medical industry through constant fruitful inventions. Thanks to the relentless efforts of the best cancer hospitals in India, which provide continuous care and compassion for the patient fighting cancer. With their world-class facilities, latest technology, and experienced and trained medical professionals; these institutions are fulfilling their roles with utmost honesty. The battle against cancer is a challenging one. Still, these hospitals inspire confidence and instill hope in countless lives. If you or a loved one is fighting cancer, seeking treatment at one of these top cancer hospitals in India could be a significant step towards a brighter future. 

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