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Here’s A Complete Personal Hygiene Guide for Women

Sticking to the basic water and soap clean-up isn’t enough anymore. After all, the constantly changing weather and body conditions can hamper your personal hygiene, causing your body to demand advanced solutions like Vwash!  

Personal hygiene is highly essential for both men and women. However, women need to focus more as they are prone to infections and diseases. It is essential to maintain proper sanitation, yet many fail to do so either because they are shy to talk about it or because they fail to understand its importance. Said that we have curated this personal hygiene guide to help you save yourself from infections and ensure a healthy life.

Importance of Personal Hygiene for Women

A female’s health is highly affected by the hygiene and safety of intimate areas. However, the busy lifestyle has led to neglecting this extra care, which may lead to severe diseases and infections impacting overall health. Whether you are a small girl, a teen, or a woman, you need to take care of your personal hygiene and maintain a healthy style. Vwash can be the perfect solution for all ages, giving a fresh experience at every use. Moreover, regularly maintaining personal health can save you from certain vaginal infections like abnormal discharge, dryness, and unnatural odor.

Thence, you must understand the essentials of personal hygiene and make it a part of your routine.

Top 9 Tips for a Complete Personal Hygiene for Women

There are many ways to look after your personal hygiene. However, these nine tips will surely help you get the best results within a short span. Have a look!

Menstrual Hygiene

The menstrual period is probably the most irritating period for a female. Moreover, the body also requires extra care and love during this time. So, it is better to be more protective, especially for the first three to four days. Use Vwash before and after the periods to ensure regular cleaning of the intimate area. Regularly change your undergarments, tampons, and sanitary pads to avoid rashes and skin odor. Avoid reusable clothes as they may harm the skin. Also, if using menstrual cups, remember to sterilize them before and after every use.

Keep your Undergarments Dry

Keeping your undergarments clean and dry at all times is another crucial yet simple way to prevent infections and maintain personal hygiene. So, make it a habit to wipe the intimate area every time you urinate, bathe or indulge in sexual activity. Clean the area gently with a soft cloth or toilet paper. But, be careful not to use talcum powder, soap, or other products that may cause itching or irritation; rather, go for safe and reliable products like Vwash.

Avoid Soaps

Your intimate area has highly sensitive skin with a different pH level. Therefore, harsh soaps or scented products can cause infections as it disturbs the pH balance of the area.  Moreover, they contain harmful chemicals like glycerol, antiseptics, and perfumes that can affect the healthy bacteria present on the intimate skin. So, instead of opting for such a harmful product, you can use Vwash with normal or lukewarm water and prevent your body from harmful vaginal infections.

Vaginal Cleaning

Though hardly spoken about, vaginal cleaning and maintaining vaginal health are highly important. It is necessary to clean your private parts thoroughly with water every time you use the bathroom. Also, you must be very careful while choosing the products for your intimate area as it is the most sensitive part of your skin. Avoid products that are dry, scented, or laden with chemicals as they may cause itching and infections. Rather, you can opt for Vwash for regular cleaning and to prevent odor.

Avoid Douching

Douching is the process to spray or shower water into the vagina to clean vaginal secretions. However, the process includes certain chemicals that can cause growth in unhealthy bacteria and hamper the natural pH. Though its purpose is to prevent or treat the infection, it mainly leads to adverse outcomes like infertility, sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer etc. Hence, its better to avoid such practices and stick to a much simpler routine. 

Avoid Scented feminine hygiene products.

Many soaps, washes, and sprays come with chemicals and perfume that may cause serious harm to your intimate skin. Also, there are many scented wipes, vaginal deodorants, and scrubs that claim to keep your vagina healthy. But be careful, as these products can be extremely detrimental. It may make you prone to infections or cause skin rashes and increase the risk of vaginal infections.

Wipe Right

Is there a specific way to wipe the intimate area?

Not really!

Wiping the right way is all about wiping off the infections, itchiness, and dryness from your intimate skin. You can follow anyway to do so, depending on your skin type and comfort level. Yet, many doctors advise cleaning it from front to back as it lessens the chances of drawing harmful bacteria. It will help prevent your skin from vaginal infections and also keep you fresh for a longer time. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after cleaning the private parts.

Don’t Ignore Vaginal Infections

Being a woman, you might be reluctant at times to see a gynecologist or even share your problems with someone, and this is where the problem begins. However, the instances will only worsen your problems, and you will end up trying some homemade remedies that may not always work. So, it is better to know and identify your problems and visit a gynecologist to find a suitable solution. Also, do not delay or ignore these symptoms, as they may adversely affect your personal hygiene.

Use Products with Natural Ingredients

Your intimate area has the most sensitive skin that can be easily affected by chemicals and scents. So, use products with natural ingredients that will not only save your skin but also prevent odor, itchiness, and irritation.

With Vwash products, you get the best treatment for your intimate skin. Get one for you today and give your skin the care and love that it deserves.

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