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How to Choose the Best IVF Center in India?

The feeling of becoming a mother is very special for every woman. It is believed that when a woman becomes a mother, it is like a new life for her. But if, for some reason, a woman is not able to conceive, then it is like a deficiency for her. There can be many reasons for a woman not becoming a mother, including infertility. This cause can be found in a male partner, too.  

A few years ago, if a woman could not become a mother, it was a big problem for her. But today, time has changed; the medical field has made a lot of progress. Many such treatments are available for women, which can help remove infertility easily. The name of one of these is IVF, i.e., In Vitro Fertilization. Today, with the help of this treatment, couples can quickly become parents and feel the joy of having a child in their lives. Also, the IVF cost in India is reasonable to afford. 

What is IVF? 

IVF is a process of fertilizing an egg from a woman outside her body. Though IVF treatment is a difficult process, it is considered one of the best options when there are complications in natural pregnancy. 

While it is a little difficult and costly method, people are still adopting it fast because of its outstanding success rate. In other words, IVF treatment is the best for those parents who are unable to produce a child.  

What is the IVF Cost in India? 

IVF is also becoming increasingly popular because of its success rate, and it is available in most prominent hospitals. In today’s time, IVF doctors are readily available in every area. Still, looking for an experienced doctor for this procedure is important. It is common to get worried about the cost of treatment during the treatment. But don’t worry! The cost of getting this treatment is also low, so even a common man can think about it. The IVF cost in India can range around between Rs. 133200 to Rs. 177600. 

How do you choose an IVF Center?

First of all, before opting for IVF, it is required to consult with an IVF specialist to understand whether your body allows you the procedure or not. It is not right that you can opt for IVF and start planning about it without consulting a specialist. After prior consultation, opt for IVF if everything goes well and you’re fit to. Then, it is important to check whether the center is reliable. Keep the following points in mind before opting for any IVF center: 

  • Ask them questions about your pregnancy ratio per embryo transfer, chances of your pregnancy, total cost of the IVF procedure, etc. 
  • Consider their success rates for IVF procedures.  
  • Check if their staff is experienced or not. 
  • What are the facilities they offer, and what technology they are using? 
  • Ask them the total duration of the procedure. 
  • Also, have a look to see if they are transparent in cost and procedure or hiding information. 
  • Because IVF can disturb the mother emotionally, it is necessary to check if the specialist is sensitive. 

If they patiently answer all your questions and fulfill all your concerns, you should choose that IVF center without hesitation. 

Which are the Top 5 IVF Centers in India? 

We all know that choosing IVF is not only a physical and mental health-related decision but also an emotional decision. While choosing an IVF center, you must understand if your doctor or specialist is connecting with you and is able to solve your problems. Though there are thousands of IVF centers in every state of our country, you should be looking for the best IVF center in the place. We are recommending the top 5 IVF centers in India, which are renowned for their commendable care and outstanding success rate.  

The Top 5 IVF Centers in India are as follows: 

SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani, Chennai

  • Based in Chennai, SIMS Hospital is one of the best multispecialty hospitals in Chennai and has established a special department for IVF in order to provide special care to couples who visit for IVF. 
  • The hospital’s IVF Department staff is highly specialized and experienced for decades, literally focusing on structured maternity support programs. 
  • SIMS hospital is praised for being a ‘One Stop Solution’ as they offer necessary help with in-vitro fertilization and provide education for all women’s health needs. 

Apollo Fertility Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 

  • Apollo Fertility Banjara Hills is very famous not only in Hyderabad but all over India as they are backed by Asia’s largest healthcare group ‘Apollo. 
  • They are highly experienced and provide special care for all maternity-related issues, including diagnostic evaluation, clinical care, and pain-free labor. 
  • Apollo Fertility has advanced labs for IUI and embryology, modern operating rooms, and very modern equipment that helps in different fertility treatments. 

BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bangalore 

  • Proudly associated with Parkway Pantai Ltd, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals has been serving patients for decades and is known for its great success rate in IVF cases. 
  • This is the best hospital for pregnancy and delivery in Bangalore, providing the best care and treatment here. 
  • The hospital’s Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics has a set of the best female doctors and surgeons in order to provide absolute care during emergencies, too. 

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Center, Pune 

  • Founded in 2001, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Center in Pune is the largest charitable hospital in the state. 
  • The hospital’s IVF center has a team of 10 specialists who are known for their more than 80% success rate. 
  • Couples who cannot afford the fees of doctors and IVF treatment also visit the hospital as the hospital charges very minimal, being a charitable center. 

IVF in India is a ray of hope for couples facing infertility issues. With its advanced medical facilities, skilled professionals, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive care, India has become a favored destination for couples seeking fertility treatments. If you’re considering IVF, exploring the options in India could bring you closer to realizing your dream of starting or expanding your family. The IVF cost in India is highly affordable, and there is no need to worry about that. Always remember to consult with medical professionals to understand your situation and make an informed decision.

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