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Unveiling the Finest: Best Heart Surgeons in India

When it comes to matters of the heart, entrusting it to the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon becomes paramount. India, a land of diverse cultures and heritage, has also earned global recognition for its exceptional medical prowess. Before initiating your treatment, it is important to discover some of the best heart surgeons in India whose expertise and compassion have saved countless lives and redefined cardiac care. 

Why is Heart Surgery Needed? 

Heart surgery is performed to restore any abnormality in the functioning of the heart that cannot be corrected through medications and lifestyle changes. Heart surgeries are performed to ensure the heart’s health and maintain a steady heartbeat. Because whether the heartbeat is too slow or fast, both are not good for cardiac health. 

The surgery will ensure a pumping action that is strong enough to maintain the necessary blood pressure during all types of physical activity and ensure that the heart can supply oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. Cardiac surgeries are also performed to remove a blockage in an artery. 

The factors that can influence the recommendation for heart surgery include: 

  • Holistic Health
  • Patient age
  • Number and duration of symptoms, if any
  • Family history of heart and health problems
  • Activity level 
  • Angina,

What are the Types of Heart Surgeries?  

Heart surgery varies depending on the patient’s symptoms and their underlying cause. Cardiac surgery over the past few decades has evolved uniquely for various cardiac concerns. 

The most common types of heart surgery are: 

Heart Bypass ` or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) 

Heart Bypass surgery is a specific type of open-heart surgery where doctors usually open the patient’s chest to access the heart. After opening the chest, doctors perform the rest of the surgery in two guises: off-pump and on-pump. Heart bypass surgery treats a blockage or constriction of one or more coronary arteries to restore the blood supply to your heart. 

Open Heart Surgery 

This kind of cardiac surgery, as the name implies, includes a chest incision to access the patient’s heart. Open heart surgery is performed in case of artery blockage that supplies blood to the heart. It is conducted to avoid the risk of a fatal heart attack and to replace or repair damaged heart valves. 

Heart Transplant Surgery

This is a last resort in case of impending heart failure and is only recommended in the most severe of situations. The process requires the donor and recipient’s heart to match blood and tissue types. Yet, heart transplant surgery requires anti-rejection drugs to ensure the recipient’s body accepts the transplanted heart. 

Who is the Right Candidate for Heart Surgery?

A candidate for cardiac surgery must meet certain criteria to undergo the procedure. It depends on factors such as:

  • Age
  • Attitude
  • Overall health
  • The severity of the heart condition

Suppose you have underlying heart disease and suffer from frequent fainting, transient blackouts, chest pain, shortness of breath, and/or frequent fatigue and palpitations. In that case, you may be a candidate for one of the types of heart surgery. However, the final decision will be taken by your cardiac surgeon. 

Who are the Top 5 Best Heart Surgeons in India? 

It is always better to choose the best heart surgeon after knowing about their experience in this profile and success rate. The following is a list of the top 5 best heart surgeons in India to ease your cardiac journey. This list will help you filter the best results of your search and also make your cardiac journey smoother than you think:  

Dr. Y K Mishra | Cardiac Surgeon in Delhi 

Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra is a Cardiac Sciences And Chief Cardio Vascular Surgeon with more than 3 decades of successful work experience. Till now, he has performed 14,000 open heart surgeries with great results and more than 500 robotic surgeries. The areas of expertise of Dr. Mishra’s Cardiac Journey include minimally invasive cardiac surgery, Robotic surgery, and aortic surgery.

Dr. Robert Mao | Interventional Cardiologist in Chennai 

With almost 35 years of experience, Dr. Robert Mao is considered the best Cardiologist in Chennai. His areas of interest include Open Heart Surgery, Aortic Aneurysm Surgery/Endovascular Repair, Vascular Surgery, and Mitral/Heart Valve Replacement.  

Dr. Joseph Xavier | Cardiac Surgeon in Bangalore 

Dr. Joseph Xavier is a well-known face in the field of cardio-thoracic surgeries and received immense praise for his medical deeds. His resume includes unmatchable capabilities, like he has performed 20,000 cardiac operations for youngsters, including newborns and babies. In 2002, Dr. Xavier was the first in Karnataka to use a left ventricular support device with ECMO technology to save a patient’s life.

Dr. Vijay Dikshit | Cardiac Surgeon in Hyderabad 

Being a Cardiothoracic Surgeon for more than 4 decades, Dr. Vijay Dikshit’s name is among India’s most experienced Cardiac Surgeons. He is among the few who have achieved a 100% success rate in his medical career. His areas of expertise include Arterial Thrombolysis, Pacemaker Implantation, Mitral/Heart Valve Replacement, and Artificial chordal Reconstruction. 

Dr. Naresh Trehan | Cardiac Surgeon in Gurgaon 

Dr. Naresh Trehan is a very famous and reputable cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon. The Indian Government has awarded him the most honorable Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri awards for his phenomenal work. He has performed 48,000 successful open-heart surgeries and has served patients for over 40 years.  


The best heart surgeons in India are a sign of medical advancements in the Cardiac Field. The above-mentioned cardiac surgeons are the most recognized and praised for their phenomenal medical treatment skills. They know how to heal, skillfully conducting a symphony of surgical brilliance and compassionate patient care. Their dedication to the art and science of cardiac surgery has transformed the lives of countless individuals, breathing new life into cardiovascular medicine. 

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