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8 Reasons Why Location Matters When Renting a Townhome

When searching for a townhome rental, find a location that complements your lifestyle and can help you reach your long and short-term goals. If you dislike a long commute, choose a location close to where you work. Location can also influence resale value, taxes, and community resources available for your family’s needs. Whether you’re looking for 3 bedroom townhomes for rent or any other size, here are some reasons why location matters when renting a townhome:

1. Work Convenience

Commuting to work can take a massive chunk of your day. A townhome rental that is closer to your workplace can save you the time you’d otherwise spend driving or taking public transportation. Townhomes near your workplace can also save you money on gas. You can walk or bike to work instead of driving. If choosing a townhome close to your work isn’t an option, consider a rental near highways or public transit stops for quicker and easier daily travel.

2. Safety

A good location has lower crime rates and is generally safer for you and your family. Research the potential area to learn if there are any safety concerns. You can check with local authorities or contact your potential neighbors for their opinion on the area’s security. If most of them feel safe and comfortable in the area, it may be a suitable place to rent a townhome. You could also consider looking for townhome rentals in communities with plenty of security features such as guards, cameras, and ample lighting.

3. Nearby Amenities

The best locations offer nearby amenities such as grocery stores, gyms, parks, restaurants, and entertainment. Driving too far for basic errands can be a hassle and take away from your family time. Having these amenities within walking, biking, or short driving distance can also save you gas money.

As you evaluate potential 3 bedroom townhomes for rent, make a list of priorities for amenities that fit your goals and desired lifestyle. If you have a goal of working out daily, choose a location with a gym or nearby running trails. Doing this can help narrow down your list of potential locations.

4. Cost of Living

Your neighborhood and city of choice can affect your expenses. A place closer to downtown or in an affluent neighborhood might have higher rental rates, but it could be worth it if the location is ideal for other reasons like convenience or family needs. Consider other expenses like taxes, insurance, utilities, and community fees to determine if they fit your budget. Try to balance affordability and convenience to enjoy the best of both worlds.

5. Good Schools

If you have kids or plan to start a family, look into the school district in each potential neighborhood. Search online to determine the top-rated schools in the area and assess how close they are to possible townhome rentals. Read reviews and ratings to understand the environment, curriculum, and other factors that may influence your children’s education. An excellent location should offer many school options so you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

6. Weather Conditions

The weather in your chosen location can affect your quality of life. Evaluate the climate in each potential townhome location if you have allergies or other seasonal conditions. The weather can also affect your utility bills. Historical data can provide insights into the expected climate for each location so you can plan accordingly. 

7. Friendly Neighborhood

Your neighbors can affect your experience, so look for a friendly neighborhood that makes you feel at home. Visit the potential rental area to see if it’s a place where you feel comfortable. If there’s a sense of community and people seem welcoming, it could be a suitable location for you.  If you have other specific community needs, such as a particular religion, research possible neighborhoods with like-minded people to help you feel more connected.

8. Pet-friendly

If you have furry friends, check to see if the community is pet-friendly. Look for open spaces that allow pets to run around and get their energy out. Some townhome rentals may also have walking trails with designated pet stations for cleaning up after your pet. 

Find 3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent in a Suitable Location

Finding a suitable townhome rental can take time and research, but the outcome is worth the effort. Location can affect your lifestyle, expenses, safety, and overall happiness. Find your ideal townhome rental today and start exploring everything your new area has to offer.

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