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Dressing your daybed with myriad daybed covers and styles to add to your home décor

Summary: If you have a daybed, you might find selecting the right daybed covers a bit difficult. Considering all the paradoxes you’ve heard about it, here are some unique daybed covers and bedding ideas.

You can make your daybed more welcoming for lounging or inviting for napping and resting by simply layering on bolsters and pillows. Put a throw in between with some even blankets and sheets, and you’re good to go. This wondrous piece of versatile furniture can work as a bed, a napping cot, an extra seat, or a sofa.

Dressing your daybed depends on the type of daybed you own, and how you actually use it.

  • If you use it as a sofa, you can add comfort to it with pillows and bolsters. These daybeds look elegant when you float them in the room’s center. It becomes more inviting when you add some bolsters that comply with the daybed upholstery. Throw in some large square pillows. The hue must be complementary.
  • If you’ve a streamlined daybed, you can drape it to attain that cozy vibe. If it’s backless and has low sides, you just need to drape it casually to make it more tempting.
  • Modern daybeds have single bolsters. Adding pillows to them won’t be aesthetically right. A throw would suffice.

Some rollicking ideas

There are 5-piece daybed cover sets from the Tideway series. These are pretty contemporary daybed covers, featuring elasticized and durable fabric. It has a striped design in whitish, greyish and bluish tones.

  • Every piece entails a narrow black trim and edging. You can wash it with a machine. There are other covers available in numerous denim finishes.
  • They feature soft and light tones along with darker shades.
  • These daybed cover sets can add a contemporary and smooth character to your décor and furniture. It automatically enhances the overall room appeal.
  • Some stylish daybeds have beautiful seat covers. They are a perfect amalgam of elegant color, beautiful décor, and top-class functionality.
  • You can decorate the whole range with catchy embroidery and lace, which add a romantic vibe to the décor.
  • There are stylish and comfortable daybeds that exhibit a stripe design. There are triple matching pillows and fashionable skirt adorning the furniture.
  • You’re talking about a twin size bed that feels nice to touch and is very soft. The cushion has generous beige padding.

Some unique ideas

The summer porch elegance rules the roost. You can always move your daybed towards the porch for cool sleepovers during the summer or to doze off late in the afternoon.

  • You can feature the scalloped-edge and handmade quilt on the daybed. Its cover has relaxing colors of white and blue.
  • Add sham pillows and bolsters to make it a comfortable nap zone. A bed crown would certainly be a surprise component here.

 Practical and elegant, it’s a wonderful solution to ensure sultry comfort during summer nights.

Get pillows with multiple embroideries. Collect different ones within a single-color palette. Make sure the covers are in sync with the palette.  Choose unique pillows and go for the ones offer extensive needlework.

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