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How Long Does It Take to Tile a Kitchen?

Tiling is a really important part of home decor, and nowadays, it is very rare to find an interior design where tiles haven’t been used. If you are thinking of building a home for yourself, tiles might be on top of your list among all the interior decoration elements. And when you tile your home, you need to make sure of many different things.

There are many types of tiles, and you need to choose carefully what you want to use for the decoration. There are tiles of different colors, patterns, textures, and designs. You can choose from them, and you can choose different tiles for different spaces of your home. You can choose different colored grout for the tiles. But whatever you choose, you need to be careful about the installation process of the tiles. There are many things you got to be careful about while tiling a floor or a wall, and the tiling process in different rooms might not be identical to each other.

kitchen tiles

Especially you need to be careful about tiling your kitchen. Tiling a kitchen can be really tricky. In fact, tiling at any place can be a tricky job, but the kitchen one might be just a bit more than the others. You might tile the floor of the kitchen, or the walls or countertop, or add kitchen backsplash. You need to properly know about all the processes and go through them in an appropriate manner. However, the tiling task can be time consuming too, along with being tough. You need to know how much time you will need to complete a particular tiling project so that you can make your plans based on that.

Knowing the time slot, you need for tiling a kitchen is even more crucial, as the kitchen is a really important and high traffic place in your home. As when you are carrying on the tiling process and taking care of things that needed to be done afterward, your kitchen will be unfunctional for the time being. So, you will need to properly know the time limit so that you can plan based on that and manage other arrangements while your kitchen is unfunctional. But without knowing the time duration, you won’t be able to do so as you’ll have to be confused about how much time it will take to finish the work completely. So, now we will see how long does it take to tile a kitchen.

Time You Will Need to Tile Your Kitchen

How much time you will approximately need for tiling your kitchen actually depends on some factors. Those factors decide the time duration for the whole tiling process. Let’s look at these factors.

Tile Size

The size of the tiles is a really important factor in this process. Like, if the size of the tiles is bigger, a single tile will take up more space than a smaller tile, and as a result, a fewer number of tiles will have to be laid down, and the process will be faster. So, the bigger size you will use for the tiling, the less time you will need for the installation process.

The relation between Tiles and Kitchen Floor

There are tiles that will fit perfectly the floor of your kitchen, and they won’t need any additional cuts or systematic shape-changing. They won’t be needed to be cut in difficult areas, and the process will be quicker. So, you’ll have to see the relation between the tiles and the floor.

Tile orientation also needs to be considered. You might go for diagonal tiling to follow the trend, but the tiling process will be slow then. But it depends on you, how much time you can spare.

Preparation and Curing

If the kitchen walls and tiles aren’t completely flat, tiles can’t be laid down properly, and they will crack after some time. So, if the walls and floor are not completely flat, you might need to level the floor by adding a layer of backer-board and then cover protrusions of raised seams or any kind of nails. So, this will take a significant amount of time.

Grouting and Cleaning

After setting the tiles, you will have to add grouts between them to keep them in their place. If your tiles are relatively small and are of difficult shapes, then the grouting job can be time consuming. You can clean the excess after grouting with soap water. The washing might take quite some time too, as the excesses are not that easy to get removed.

Expertise of Tilers

The timing also depends on the person who is doing the tiling. A professional and experienced tiler will take much less time to complete the job than an inexperienced and new one.

Other Factors

It might take approximately 24 hours after the tiling job for them to be prepared properly before you can walk on them. You must consider this time while measuring the time duration for the process. And it takes different times based on different tile types and also the place. Like if you are tiling the floor, it will take a certain amount of time, whereas if you are tiling the walls or the counter of the kitchen, different amounts of time will be needed.

Final Words

Even though it depends on many factors how much time it will take to tile your kitchen completely, and it is really difficult to estimate the time duration the whole process will need. But people mostly consider that one hour of tiling can approximately cover 10 square feet of a place. You can take this rate into account while measuring the time duration.

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