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How to Choose the Right Mattress for Yourself – A Buying Guide for You!

Over time your mattress can become worn out and might be signaling you to purchase a new one. You might notice that the springs creak when you sit on the bed or when you turn over. You might even feel the springs poking into you, which will disturb your sleep. You might feel that the mattress sags when you sit on it, which is the ultimate sign that your mattress is breathing its last breaths.

If you wake up every morning feeling tired, stiff, with back and neck pain, fatigue, and irritability, then it’s time you got rid of your mattress. You must get a good night’s sleep so that you can wake up fresh and be your most productive version. For which you need a good mattress.

However, for some, mattress shopping might be a daunting task. But it is essential because you will sleep better on a mattress that is ideal for you. You will need to consider many factors when purchasing your mattress, and here are some of them.

1) Choose the ideal material for yourself

The type of material you select is based on your personal preference and likes. Here are the most common types of materials available in the market:

Coils (Innerspring)

Mattresses made out of coils are the most traditional type and are not preferred in today’s time. However, it provides many benefits and has many advantages. One obvious reason for purchasing mattresses made from coils is that they are the cheapest option available in the market because there has been a decrease in their demand.

Now there are many options available that offer better health benefits. These mattresses are very durable and last for decades. The springs are made from metal which is why they retain their shape for many years. Also, because they are the most traditional option, they are the most familiar. People who purchase spring mattresses get what they purchase. There are no guesses or surprises.

Last but not least, these mattresses have a lot of space which allows air to circulate, making them the most breathable material. This keeps the mattress cool and allows you to sleep peacefully. This mattress is ideal for people searching for durability, support, great bounce, and good air circulation.


Latex mattresses provide immense comfort and cooling. They are bouncy and very responsive. An authentic latex mattress is derived from the Hevea-Brasiliensis tree, and it does not give off odors like the other mattresses. There are two types of latex mattresses to choose from, including the natural variety, which is a healthy and eco-friendly option. However, it is more expensive, so you should have around $1500 to purchase a good natural latex mattress.

On the other hand, you have the synthetic variety made by combining natural tree sap and synthetic polymers. It is cheaper than the natural variety but less healthy in the long run. Latex is ideal for people searching for coolness, responsiveness, and bounce.

Memory foam

Memory foam first came into existence in 1970, after which its popularity and demand grew rapidly. And now it is used by nearly every mattress maker. What made it so popular? The answer is that it provides the best support and comfort to your body. By simply pressing your hand into the mattress, you can understand why it’s so much in demand.

The memory foam mattress adapts and molds according to your body shape. It conforms to your body as soon as you lie down on it. When you remove yourself from the mattress, it slowly regains its original shape. This feature makes it perfect for every type of sleeper.

Another unique feature offered by the memory foam is its motion isolation. Motion isolation refers to that movement or motion at one end of the mattress is not transferred to the remaining mattress. You might have seen a commercial where a girl is jumping on the mattress with a glass of cold drink placed not that far away on the mattress.

To the astonishment of the viewers, the cold drink does not spill. However, a major drawback of this material is that it retains heat. If you need a cool night’s sleep, memory foam is not the best option.


The hybrid mattress is a combination of memory foam and the traditional spring mattress. It offers the benefits of both types. The amount of foam in each mattress varies according to the amount of firmness you require. The best thickness for such mattresses is about 3 inches of foam. The dimensions of a mattress are very important. Check out the mattress dimensions as sold by Puffy.

One disadvantage of such mattresses is that they are one of the expensive options available. You will need many thousands of dollars for it, and it will be a huge investment but totally worth every penny. It is ideal for people who want good cool sleep, bounce, strong support, and smooth sleep.

Pillow top

These are made up of latex, memory foam, or coil mattresses but have an additional soft material layer covering to make them more comfortable. It is ideal for people who want a softer feel or more padding.


A waterbed is a very interesting option. It provides backache relief and relief from arthritis. Waterbeds are great for people with allergies.

Once you have decided which material mattress you want, it’s time to move on to the more personal features such as weight and sleeping position.

2) Sleeping position

It is very important that your mattress is ideal for your sleeping position. If you sleep on a mattress that does not provide support and comfort when you sleep in your usual position, you will wake up fatigued and in pain.

Back sleeping

If you usually sleep on your back, then you need a firm foam or mattress which consists of coils and foam. This will keep your spine properly aligned during sleep and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping on the side

When you sleep on your side, the pressure is applied to your hips and shoulders, so you need a soft mattress that molds according to your body and cushions them. Your mattress should be able to relieve pressure at key areas of the body. Many side sleepers prefer memory foam or pillow-top mattresses that provide comfort.

Sleeping on the stomach

Sleeping on the stomach does not offer any health benefits. In fact, it puts pressure on your spine, which can cause back and neck pain. This is why doctors recommend stomach sleepers to find a new sleeping position.

However, if you sleep peacefully on your stomach and are used to sleeping like that, you need to get yourself the right mattress. The best mattress for stomach sleepers should support your spines, such as a firm hybrid or foam mattress.

Combination sleeper

Combination sleepers are those that change position throughout the night. If you change your sleeping position frequently, you might want to get a mattress that provides comfort in all positions. A medium-firm mattress is ideal for such cases.

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