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How to make your very own home cinema

It is not news that everyone loves to watch a good movie, whether it is an action, horror, romance or maybe even a comedy. What else makes seeing a movie better? Seeing it with friends or family.

This is why going to see a movie in the cinema is such a fun experience. Cinemas are a huge success as they add a different experience to your everyday movie viewing, such as sound, being a massive screen, and the general atmosphere.

This is why you should make your own cinema at home! Many people might wonder how they would go about doing this, well with our help we can solve that problem and give you the best advice on making your own cinema at home today.

Here is everything you need to know:

Make sure your room is the right size

The first thing you will want to do is choose a good sized room in your house to make it your cinema room, this means that you will need space for all your equipment, as well as being able to sit at a comfortable distance.

For a medium sized cinema room you will need around 10ft by 12ft in dimensions, however if you want a large sized one then you will want around 16ft by 23ft for the ultimate experience.

Of course it’s not hugely important but for a better viewing experience this would be more ideal.


Lighting is essentially one of the main things to have right for the best experience, if your room is too bright it will make the cinema experience a lot less fun.

Try avoiding a room with too many windows, if you can’t do that it may be worth installing black out blinds.

You will also need the right lights for your room, preferably ones that you can adjust to make it dim when you are to start your movie, you could add something that might connect to google or alexa for an even easier experience.

Sound System

Generally cinemas have great sound systems, and this will be something you will want to work on as well, you will definitely want to add some sort of surround sound in order to make it feel like what is going on in the movie can be all around you.

Your Screen

There is no cinema without a screen, and this one is completely preferred, you could go for a tv where all sizes and quality are variable and perhaps easier to find one to go into the room.

You could also go for a projector which will be cheaper than one of those big and high quality tv’s, not only that but a lot of projectors you can get will have HD as well as being adjustable to the direction they are pointed.


Something that adds to the experience is seating, if your seats are not comfortable the viewing is made harder.

It might be with investing into a home cinema sofa for the added experience, or if you can’t find anything of value just your regular sofa will do the trick.

Snack bar

Not necessarily an important addition but if you are able to add one in you might as well, every cinema experience is better when you have a snack with you to enjoy while the movie goes on.

The bar could be something simple like a mini fridge with drinks and snacks in. You could also have a table with snacks laid out ready to take whenever you need them. There are many possibilities but of course it’s not necessarily needed.

And that is everything you need to know in order to put together your very own home cinema.

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