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Inexpensive Home Products That Can Make Life for Seniors Easier

As people get older, a lot of everyday tasks can become a lot harder, and over the years, products have constantly been developed as a means to make these everyday tasks a bit simpler. It’s great that so many get made but a lot of them aren’t as common knowledge as you would think. As such, it makes sense to create a list of some of the best home products that can make life for seniors easier, so they can begin to reap the benefits of their practicality.

These gadgets have been selected due to their simplicity and the fact that they are reasonably inexpensive. Of course, everyone knows about stairlifts and rails to make life easier, but the point of this list is to bring to light the much more minor products that can have a big impact. These will make a senior’s quality of life better and will also improve their safety.

The products in this list have also been divided into the rooms that they would be used in, so it is as easy to navigate as possible.

Assessing What Products You Should Get

This article has been created for a range of people. Firstly, seniors who are struggling more and more with day-to-day tasks and would like to try and find a way to rectify their issues. There is no need for you to ponder too much over what items to get as you will already know what it is you find yourself struggling with.

The other people that this article has been created for are family members or caregivers who are seeing someone they look after struggling and are curious about what items could make their lives easier. You should make a note of the products listed below and take them to the doctor the next time there is an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). If you need help organizing an AWV, then you should contact an organization such as ChartSpan, which would be able to organize an AWV Medicare patients can access.  

In The Bedroom

Some items that would be helpful for seniors getting around their bedroom include:

  • Motion Sensor Lights

Having a good motion sensor light in the hallway next to the bedroom can be very helpful as they reduce the risk of falls. It is unfortunately quite common for seniors to fall over in the night as they are making their way out of bed and to the bathroom or the kitchen. Motion sensor lights, as the name suggests, will illuminate as soon as someone passes, meaning the room will stay lit for a moment and give seniors a chance to look around for obstacles.

They’re also great if you share a room with someone and don’t want to wake them getting up by turning a big main light on. All in all, they will make the home safer without disrupting the flow too much.

  • A Bed Lever

As people age, getting in and out of bed becomes a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you use a bed lever. A bed lever is a mobility aid that is usually positioned about a third of the way down the bed. It provides something to hold onto as you get in and out of bed so if there are any balance issues, this will increase stability a great deal.

  • Neck Reading Light

The simple pleasures are something that we like to hold onto in later life, which for a lot of people is the ability to sit up in bed and read a good book. A neck reading light is a hands-free around the neck light that allows you to sit up in bed and read, do a crossword, or knit without having to get up or be exposed to bright light.

In the Kitchen

Some of the best items that will allow full navigation in the kitchen include:

  • A SpillNot Cup Holder

This unspillable drink holder is a must for anyone who carries drinks for long distances and needs some assistance when doing so. Thanks to the design of the cup holder, the liquid does not slosh about in the cup and the cup does not move off the tray either. As such, there should be no risk of spillage, which means there’s no risk of harm if the liquid is hot and even if it’s not, there is no risk of further harm as people try to clear the spill up.

  • Lightweight Cookware Sets

We get weaker as we get older so the old pots and pans with a great deal of weight behind them become harder and harder to lift with every year that passes. To prevent this from becoming too much of an issue, you should consider picking up some lightweight cookware. As such, cooking doesn’t need to stop but the heavy-duty lifting that would normally come with it will be a thing of the past.

In the Living Room

Some of the best items for the living room include:

  • Anti-Slip Rugs/Underlays

Just because someone is getting older doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice how their house looks, so before you throw away your favorite rug, you might want to consider investing in an anti-slip rug or underlay. These come in a variety of different sizes, so no matter how big your rug is you will be covered. They effectively stick to the rug on the floor and make it so that the corners of the rug don’t come up or slip on the floor when stepped on.

  • A Grabber

Having a grabber can be a huge benefit as it means that if you need to pick something up off the ground, you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself when doing so. You can get the grabbers in very bright and bold colors to prevent them from being lost and they can be used to help bring anything closer to you whenever it is just out of reach.

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