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Learning about Roman Blinds

Motorized blinds are great if you want something convenient where you do not have to get up to adjust them. But there are some other great options if you want something effective and charming you might consider Roman blinds. They are affordable, attractive and have been around for hundreds of years for good reason. They continue to be a popular option.

What are Roman blinds?

There are mounted on a hard board placed at the top of the window and then hang down. They fold up in sections rather than rolling like roller blinds. Cord or string is attached to the side of each section and when you pull the cord attached to that string you can adjust the blinds. They are very easy to use. There are two types of folds, the traditional option where they hang flat when the blind is lowered and then stack up and fold if pulled up, and then the ones with hems that are curved or cuffed.

Looking at what they are made from

You can get blind made from all kinds of different materials though quite often it is polyester as it folds well and it is easier to clean which is something a lot of buyers appreciate. You can also get wood and faux wood options as well as bamboo blinds. Bamboo is a nice look and is a good choice for the environment. They hang well in any window in any room of the home. Whatever decor the rooms is decorated in you can find a good option with Roman blinds on the windows.

You can even back these blinds using blockout material so that they are even better at blocking out the light, or you can make them more translucent to let in more light but still have a barrier at the window to prevent people seeing in. There is a lot of variety and options when it comes to designs and colours and combinations you can use with them to make it work for you.

Using these blinds around the home

Another reason these blinds are great is that they can become a feature not just a there as a practical cover. Add something to your bay window and highlight the area with your choice in blinds. Where curtains might detract or get in the way, Roman blinds can enhance the scenery. You can even get motorized blinds so you can open and close them sittin down. No need to get up and interupt the movie or show, just use your remote to adjust them to get rid of the glare.


Roman blinds are not just something useful to put up and give you privacy and let in light or hide it. They can also add a lot to the room, to the scene outside the window they sit on and to the whole house. They are easy to find and order, come in all kinds of looks and are affordable too. They are even quite simple to put up!

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