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New Innovations for Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for offices have come a long way, particularly in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’s high demand. People have had to step up their cleaning and disinfection services, especially when interacting with strangers. Customers can trust and rely on credible cleaning companies for office cleaning services now more than ever just like the professional Clean Slate Janitorial services company. Peaceful, uncluttered minds and healthy bodies require a clean and tidy environment. As technology advances, creating this type of space is becoming almost as therapeutic as obtaining it. Innovations in cleaning services, such as industrial cleaning machines, complete tasks to such a high standard and with such ease that they can be a joy to watch.

Innovative tools and processes are fundamentally changing how business owners and employees manage their businesses and conduct themselves in their daily lives. Being on trend with new tools allows you to stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will learn about the most cutting-edge office cleaning technology. These advancements are changing the way cleaning companies clean offices. Find out more!

1. Disinfecting Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic spray technology is a new way of applying cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants to help facilities treat surfaces faster and more thoroughly than traditional cleaning methods. The technology is relatively new to the office cleaning industry, but it is well developed in other industries such as agriculture, automotives, and tanning.

Electrostatically charging liquids, such as sanitizers and disinfectants, as they pass through the spray nozzle is how the sprayers work. Charged droplets form, which repel one another and actively seek out a surface. They can coat all sides of a surface with the charge, creating a uniform layer of spray, even in hard-to-reach areas that other manual cleaners might miss. The end result is a perfect level of cleanliness.

2. Sanitizing Wand with UV-C

UV light, or ultraviolet light, can be used to kill mold, dust mites, bacteria, and viruses like E.coli. Previously only available in hospitals and industrial facilities, the development of the UV sanitation wand has enabled janitorial companies to incorporate the benefits of such a tool into their cleaning services in a larger scope of locations.

3. Floor Cleaning Technology

The flooring surfaces in your facility are subjected to heavy wear and can become damaged over time. Most are protected with a glossy, reflective coating that can be enhanced or restored with mechanical buffing. With time, this film may deteriorate. Hard floor care services use a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology and cleaning methods to maintain or restore the integrity of your flooring’s coating and the floor surface underneath.

High-pressure cleaning, which can damage surfaces, strip paint or coatings, and loosen grout, is avoided with our methods. Instead, we use the best equipment in the industry, including wash, scrub, and dry technology that uses 90% less water and detergents than traditional cleaning methods. Professional cleaning services are more environmentally friendly by conserving energy, water, and harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.

4. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a technique that involves heating a small amount of clean water in a boiler. It enables the sanitization, cleaning, and deodorization of any surface without the use of detergents. Steam cleaning has several advantages, including saving time and money, aiding in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, and being environmentally friendly. Steam cleaning received a new lease as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is expected to remain important in 2022.

5. Battery-Powered Types of Equipment

In the professional cleaning industry, the number of battery-powered devices is rapidly increasing. Cleaning machines can benefit from batteries in terms of run time, sustainability, and autonomy. Battery energy density has increased in recent years, reducing weight and size while increasing battery durability.

6. Artificial Intelligence Quality Control Systems

Professional commercial cleaning entails not only the provision of services but also the assessment of their quality. We can take an objective measurement of quality and adhere to a quantifiable standard using automated quality control systems that use AI to collect data quickly. These systems can also take quality assurance to the next level by analyzing data to identify patterns, potential issues, and existing problem areas.

Humans collecting and interpreting the same data not only introduce subjectivity into the equation, but they’re also more likely to forget something due to the repetitive nature of the job. Businesses can see whether their commercial cleaning company is doing its job and maintaining a safe, healthy environment with AI at the helm of quality control.

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