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Replace stair spindles with glass

An increasingly popular option amongst homeowners who want to modernise their existing staircase is to replace stair spindles with glass stair panels.

There are many ways in which glass stair panels can be incorporated into your staircase design, each resulting in a unique and standout look.

In this blog, we look at the benefits of replacing your stair spindles with glass stair panels.

The benefits of glass stair panels

When undertaking any staircase renovation, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. To help you decide if a glass staircase is right for you, here are some of the key advantages that they can provide.

Glass staircases allow for light flow

Unlike their wooden counterparts, glass staircases allow light to pass through. Natural light is far more aesthetically appealing than artificial light, brightening your hallways and creating an airy ambience.

Glass staircases make spaces appear larger

Staircases can sometimes feel closed off and a little claustrophobic. The additional light flow that glass staircases provide can create a feeling of openness, making your space feel larger than it actually is.

Glass staircases are easy to maintain

Wooden staircases can require quite a bit of maintenance. You may need to reapply stains, paints, or wax treatments to maintain their appearance.

Glass staircases, on the other hand, do not require any treatments to be applied to keep them looking as good as new.

Glass staircases are easy to clean

Unlike wooden spindles, which can trap dust and pet hair, with glass stair panels there is nowhere for dirt to hide. This makes them ideal for anyone with asthma or allergies.

Glass staircases are simple to clean. Just a quick wipe down with some soapy water to remove any finger marks is all that’s needed to maintain their appearance.

Glass staircases are durable

Contrary to what you might think, glass staircases are extremely durable. Glass stair panels are manufactured from toughened glass, which is highly resilient to impact, scratches, and scuffs.


Speak to the experts

If you’re considering replacing your stair spindles with glass panels, speak to the experts in glass staircase installation.

Abbott Wade have over 25 years of experience in designing and installing glass staircases across the UK.

If you have any questions, get in touch with their knowledgeable team by filling in the contact form on their website.

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